Create a Spectacular Lego Football Stadium Showpiece of Old Trafford 10272

Man U fans can pay homage to the home stadium replica Old Trafford Manchester United 10272 model that is made up of nearly 3900 Lego pieces. The magnificent night view of the stadium and the special features will get highlighted as you add 33 custom handmade LED lights and set up the Briksmax lighting accessories.

There have been lots of debates regarding the best football club in the world and amid the competitive air between the fans, Manchester United is a common name. Every football enthusiast has allegiance to a particular club throughout the year, except during the World Cup and devout fans of Manchester United consider Old Trafford as reverently as England cricket team respects the Lords. The Lego Creator series brings you a perfect replica of the United Kingdom’s largest stadium for club football with the Old Trafford –Manchester United 10272 set. Consisting of 3898 pieces, this expert level structure is suitable for anyone above sixteen years old while the Briksmax light kit for this is age-appropriate for 6+ years old users.

Special Attractions Of Old Trafford –Manchester United 10272 Set

The Lego set Old Trafford 10272 lights  brings life to the exclusive and unique details such as the United Trinity statuette and the footballers’ tunnel. Launched in February this year, the set celebrates the 110th anniversary of the actual stadium.

Promoted by renowned footballer Peter Schmeichel, the Old Trafford set does not need you to be a hardcore fan because any football lover would feel connected to the stadium. It features the statues of Sir Matt Busby, Sir Alex Ferguson, and The Trinity with statues of George Best, Denis Law, and Sir Robert Charlton.

With Lego lights, the Stretford End, Sir Bobby Charlton Stand, Sir Alex Ferguson Stand and Manchester United detailing gets a new dimension in the gallery. The perfect representation of the manicured pitch with white markers, transparent goal courts, and the stickers representing Feb 6th1958 The Flowers Of Manchester, The Impossible Dream, Made Possible, Sir Alex 26 Years will look more distinct.   

Highlighting Old Trafford –Manchester United 10272 With Light Kit

The light kit for Old Trafford 10272 set  requires three AA batteries for the battery box and properly organized brick separators so that you can pass wires without applying force. Make sure you have completed the structure before starting with light setup and then you can use the two random colored Lego pieces for customization.

Setting up the light accessories is no big deal even for a layman in electrics, thanks to the instruction book written in the universal language with illustrations. Also, the user guide comes handy in the latter installation. The after-sale card bears a 1-year manufacturer guarantee.  

Light up Lego sets  with one warm white 15cm LED, two small and ten regular-sized warm white light strips, eight 10cm, and twelve 15cm white LEDs. Insert the seven 30cm, four 15cm, and seven 5cm connecting cables between the stubs.

Prepare the three 6-port and four 8-port expansion boards with two Adhesive Squares. Also, utilize the 30cm power cable for the USB hub and set up the battery pack before connecting to the main power below 5V.

With air-bubble security around each plastic packet inside the sturdy light kit box, any handling damage is unlikely. Still, test each accessory before the final light installation on the “Theatre of Dreams”.

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