A Beautiful Lighting Build Of The Last Robot Left Of Earth!

The adorable lone robot Wall-E from the famous movie will get a new look with the Lego Ideas Wall-E 21303 set made up of more than 600 pieces. Highlight its special features and create a night vista with high-quality and handmade light kits from Lightailing or Briksmax.

With the global pandemic of Covid-19 claiming nearly three hundred thousand lives and affecting over four million people, the idea of apocalypse is not an alienated topic. While you are maintaining social distancing or staying at home in lockdown, the Wall-E 21303 set from the Lego Ideas series can be a suitable set regarding the situation. Animated movie enthusiasts will surely remember the 2008 blockbuster movie Wall-E featuring a robot from a distant future having the task of cleaning up the Earth’s trash. The robot gets its Lego look with 676 pieces and is suitable for anyone above twelve years old. Lightailing and Briksmax come with affordable and premium-quality light kits to highlight the model’s eyes and trunk.

What Are The Special Features Of The Wall-E 21303 Set

Both the Lego night light kit and the Lego pieces are small and delicate i.e. prone to cause choking hazards or get mingled up. Finish assembling the structure and then open up the box to reveal the individual plastic packets secured by bubble wraps.

Back Story: Angus Maclane who was both the director and animator of Pixar Animation Studios, created the first model of Wall-E, and the members at Lego Ideas panel selected it to develop its Lego version alongside its film version. However, the film was developed soon while the perfection of the Lego structure took around a decade.

As you light up Legos, the authentic details such as the highly movable arms with upward, downward and sideways movement, adjustable head, posable neck, rolling tracks, and gripping hands get highlighted.

Standing seven inches in height, six inches in width and length respectively, the structure has an opening and closing truck to clean the planet filled with piles of garbage.

There is the plant element signifying the last plant on the earth as shown in the movie –with gripping hands, Wall-E can hold it while tilting the neck and adjusting its head.

Brightening Up Wall-E 21303 With Light Kit

As the light kit for Robot Wall-E 21303 set  does not include batteries, you need to get them beforehand. Although with perfect packing, no damage can come in the way of the lighting kit, you should check them properly and ensure that all the accessories are in place.

Endless customization is assured with the random colored two Lego Round 2x2 Slide Shoe plates, two Lego 1x1 Hole Pl.Round plates, and one Lego 1x6 plate.

A universal instruction manual eases the installation with thorough and illustrated installation steps.

Light up 21303 set  with one strip light of warm white tone and two slow flashing 30cm colored lights having red, purple, blue, and green glow.

Pass the 15cm wire between the stubs and connect the 30cm USB cable to the power hub.

Set up the 6-port expansion board, Adhesive Square, and battery pack with three AA batteries.

Use the user guide during the latter installation and keep the after-sale card for a year as a manufacturer warranty.

The booklet in the Lego set will give you information about the movie and the designer. Return the light kit package if you get any defective part in a week and a replacement is guaranteed.

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