The Ultimate Augmented-Reality Play Experience With Lighting Ghost Train Express 70424

Enhanced with the Hidden Side app, the Lego Ghost Train Express 70424 with nearly 700 pieces will bring augmented reality into the vibrant Lego world. With 26 bright handmade lights and premium accessories from Briksmax and Lightailing, the play experience will be more exciting, especially at night.

If assembling Lego pieces seem monotonous, the Ghost Train Express 70424 set from the Lego Hidden Side series can be a perfect alternative with its intuitive AR interface. Designed for anyone aged above eight years, this beginner-level model made up of 698 pieces gives a new definition to ghost hunting in augmented reality. What makes it stand out among other Lego structures is the Hidden Side app that is installed in the compatible Android or iOS mobile device. Both Lightailing and Briksmax enrich the AR with high-quality lighting kits that you can install with or without electrical knowledge.

Specialties Of Ghost Train Express 70424 Set    

The lights for Lego set along with the accessories are delicate and packed inside bubble-wrapped plastic packets. Before you open the box, finish assembling the set, arrange the brick separators for smooth insertion and get three batteries as the light kit does not include batteries.

The train along with the station has height and width of five inches each and length of twenty-four inches. You can easily combine other Lego railway tracks and toys with this set for a creative and customized look.

There are five Minifigures including Parker L. Jackson and Jack Davids –the heroes with their smartphones, J.B with his Smartphone, train passenger and Chuck –the train driver with his ghost and Miss Santos –the ticket lady with her ghost.

The Lego LED lights  work with the Hidden Side app that needs you to scan the Lego model to get an interactive role-play scenario. There are continuous updates, new clues, new mysteries, various ghosts to capture and the Boss ghost Bawa to unlock and defeat.

Once you have transformed the physical play into digital play, you will see how the train is changed into a flying possessed train with ghosts floating around. If you turn the color wheel, it interacts with the Hidden Side mini-game.

Highlighting Ghost Train Express 70424 With Light Kit

Light kit for Ghost Train Express 70424  can be used by anyone above 6 as the detailed installation steps and illustrations will help in step-by-step setup. Test each accessory before moving onto the final installation.

Keep the user guide book for future installation and follow the instructions described in the universal language. Random colored 18 Lego bricks are also given for customization with the model.

Light up Legos  with one three strip lights of a white, warm white and blue tone, one large and eleven 15cm warm white LEDs, one 10cm white, one 15cm green, two 15cm yellow, three slow flashing 15cm blue and four 15cm red LEDs.

Connect one 5cm, one 30cm, and four 15cm cables between the stubs. Use the two 30cm USB cables for the hub and use the batteries for the AA battery pack and Oval CR2032 Battery box. Set up two Adhesive Squares, one 8-port, one 12-port, and three 6-port expansion boards.

The main fun starts at night when you can spot ghosts lurking around through the AR window of the app and catch them with the Minifigures. You can return any defective lighting accessory within seven days to get a replacement.

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