The Spectacular Lego Ideas International Space Station 21321 Set

Celebrate one of the biggest scientific achievements of mankind while you assemble over 800 Lego pieces of the Lego Ideas International Space Station 21321. Brikmax and Lightailing provide high-quality lighting kits that can be installed by you even without electrical skills.

The modular International Space Station (ISS) hovering in the low Earth orbit is the brainchild of the five space agencies namely NASA, ESA, CSA, Roscosmos, and JAXA from the United States, Europe, Canada, Russia, and Japan respectively. A joint venture led by the top workers from fifteen nations across the globe, this artificial satellite gets a miniature Lego version made up of 864 pieces. The Lego Ideas team celebrated the tenth anniversary by welcoming this expert-level model designed by a long-term fan, builder, and designer Christoph Ruge. Any 16+ years old enthusiast of the Lego world and astronomy will love to assemble the model and add premium lights with accessories to keep the satellite highlighted in darkness.

Trivia Of The International Space Station 21321 Set    

The lights for Ideas sets  come packed separately in plastic packets and the air-bubble films keep the accessories safe within. The light kit box, however, does not contain any batteries –you have to get three AA batteries separately.

The idea of space exploration has been being developed for over twenty years, thanks to the tireless cooperation from the countries across the world in building and developing the largest spacecraft in mankind’s history.

The robotic arm can deploy the satellite into the earth’s orbit with the help of the robotic arm. By docking with the space shuttle, it can welcome the next astronaut crew and also schedule for a spacewalk by sending a micro figure outside to make repairs.

With the Lego LED lights  you can highlight the authentic details like the posable Canadarm2, the height-adjustable ‘solar panels’ that coincide with the two rotating joint and the intricate centerpiece with display stand.

There is an illustrated manual along with the booklet consisting of 148 pages where you will find fascinating details about ISS and Christoph Ruge. There are two astronaut Minifigures, three mini cargo spacecraft, and the buildable mini space shuttle by NASA.

Highlighting International Space Station 21321 With Light Kit

It is unlikely for the light kit for International Space Station 21321 set  to incur any handling damage with secured packing. Still, you should make sure all the accessories and lights are included and they work properly.

There are three random colored Lego pieces that you can use for customization with the model or as a substitute for any lost piece. Keep the after-sale card as a 1-year guarantee on the light kit.

Light up 21321 Lego set  with two large 30cm, four small 30cm, two 15cm and five 30cm warm white toned LEDs, one 10cm white LED, one slow flashing 30cm green and one slow flashing 30cm red lights. One 15cm connecting wire is to be passed between the stubs of the brick separator smoothly.

Set up one 8-port and one 12-port expansion board, one Adhesive Square, one 30cm power cable for the USB port, and the battery pack.

You should complete the Lego structure before starting with the light kit as the accessories are delicate and can get mingled up with the pieces. Also, return any defective kit within a week and you will get a replacement.

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