Wonderful Lego Architecture Skylines: Tokyo 21051 Set

With 19 high-quality LEDs and lighting accessories from Briksmax and Lightailing, the Lego Tokyo 21051 set will always be highlighted even when the room is dark. The model made up of over 500 Lego pieces will give a detailed miniature version of the Tokyo skyline.

With a global pandemic, traveling to new countries is no more a viable idea as of now, but that does not stop you from creating your Lego version of your favorite cities. The Lego Tokyo 21051 set from the Architecture Skyline series is a perfect example of how Lego building can give you a virtual traveling experience while nurturing your creativity. With 547 Lego pieces, the model is suitable for any Lego enthusiast aged above sixteen. It can act as a souvenir for those who have traveled here, live there currently, or lived at a certain point, as well as, those who have always wanted to visit the capital city of Japan. What gives your Lego model an edge in darkness is the handmade and premium lighting kit from Lightailing and Briksmax.

Making The Best Out Of The Tokyo 21051 Set

The light kit for Lego  will complement the realistic color scheme, scale depiction, and the real-world interpretation of the landmarks of Tokyo. As the Lego pieces can cause choking hazards and the delicate light accessories can get lost easily, you should finish assembling the model first.

Giving an insight into the architectural heritage, travel, and history of Japan and Tokyo, the model with a decorative nameplate stands over 11 inches tall with 10 inches of width and 3 inches of depth.

With the brick light, you can highlight the intricate scale models such as the tallest freestanding tower and second largest tower in the world –the Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo Tower, Shibuya Crossing, Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, the classic pagoda tower and Chidorigafuchi Park filled with cherry blossoms.

There is also a booklet containing information regarding the history and architecture of Tokyo and the designer of the model.

Highlighting The Tokyo 21051 Set With Light Kit

Anyone above the age of six can try installing the light kit for Tokyo 21051 set with or without any electrical knowledge. The brick separators should be in place to pass the wires without force. Get three AA batteries for the battery pack of the light kit.

You will get four Lego pieces of random color in the light kit that can come handy if you have lost any Lego piece from the model or in case you want to customize it with the model.

The user guide book will be helpful in the future steps of installation while there is the instruction manual in the universal language for step-by-step light installation with illustrations. Keep the after-sales card safely for a year as a manufacturer guarantee.

The Lego light kit consists of one small strip light along with one large 30cm, one 10cm, four 15cm, and five 30cm LEDs of warm white glow, one 15cm white, two 10cm yellow, and four flashing colored 15cm LEDs.

Prepare the two 12-port expansion boards, an Adhesive Square, the AA battery box, the 30cm power cable for the USB hub, and two connecting cables measuring 15cm each.

The light kit comes with a return and replacement window of seven days. Before installation and during the week, you should check properly whether all the accessories are working properly.

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