Rule the stars with the ultimate lighting Imperial Star Destroyer 75252

Consisting of over 4700 Lego pieces, one of the largest structures Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 is any Star Wars fan’s dream. To lighten up this massive model, you will get remote control facilities, 87 premium-quality LEDs, and handmade light accessories from Briksmax.

The legendary first movie of the Star Wars franchise, Episode IV: A New Hope has been creating a steady and ever-increasing fan base since 1977. The Lego Star Wars series is part of that fandom and the Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 set with 4784 Lego pieces is the second largest structure. Suitable for any 16+ years old enthusiast, the model stands 17 inches tall i.e. over a foot high, 43 inches long i.e. over three feet in length and 26 inches wide i.e. over two feet. Full of nostalgia and trivia, the movie starts with this wedge-shaped capital starship and has been shown in three other Star Wars movies namely Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Return of the Jedi, and The Empire Strikes Back. With the Briksmax lighting kit, you can lighten up the model without having any electrical knowledge.     

Specialties Of The Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 Set


The Star Wars set lights  are to be installed only after you have finished building this extensive replica model of “the devastator” and got the required AA batteries as the light kit does not come with any.

With two Minifigures from Star Wars world namely the Imperial Crewmember and Imperial Officer, the Ultimate Collector Set features the informative fact plaque and the display stand and weapons for galactic civil war.

There is the buildable scale model of the Rebels’ starship Tantive IV from the opening scene –it can be attached to the front section while chasing down.     

The authentic details include the swiveling guns, massive engine exhausts, tilting radar dish, and elaborate surface decoration.

The bridge tower has its iconic design with the tilting antenna of the tractor beam and the two deflector shields.

Highlighting Imperial Star Destroyer 75252 With Lighting Kit

The light kit for Imperial Star Destroyer 75252  is suitable for any 6+ years old enthusiast and there is no need to have prior electrical knowledge. As the lighting kit comes without batteries, you have to arrange them in advance.

To lighten up such a celebrated structure, you will need to go through the four universal instruction manuals and follow the illustrated steps. The user guide will be helpful in further stages.

Set up the five Adhesive Squares, Transparent label, USB hub with the 30cm power cord, and the battery pack with the AA batteries.

Three 12-port, six 8-port, and nine 6-port expansion boards are to be set up as you arrange the brick separators for smooth insertion of wires. Three 15cm, seven 30cm, and height 50cm cables are to be passed between stubs without force.

The lights for Legos  include four 10cm, fourteen 30cm and twenty-two 15cm white LEDs, two warm white 15cm, eight 30cm blue, one 30cm red, and eleven 30cm yellow LEDs.

There are also slow flashing lights including four 30cm yellow, one 15cm green, eight 15cm red, and twelve 30cm red LEDs. With the RGB remote control receiving board, you can adjust the flashing of these lights.

On opening the box, you will have to unwrap the air-bubble films to reveal the plastic packets containing respective accessories. Ensure that all items are there and test them properly. The after-sale card bears a 1-year guarantee and within seven days you can replace any defective light kit.  

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