Creative Play ShowTime With Lego Friends 41368 Andrea's Talent Show!

Recreate various scenes from the TV series with the Lego Friends Andrea’s Talent Show 41368 set made up of nearly five hundred Lego pieces. The 21 premium LED lights and high-quality lighting accessories from Briksmax will make this vibrant structure even more enchanting, especially at night.

 Andrea’s Talent Show 41368

The popular animated television series Friends of Heartlake City based on the laid-back lifestyle of the five best friends Andrea, Mia, Emma, Stephanie and Olivia was loved by adults and kids alike. The Lego building enthusiasts can make the best out of an imaginative scenario inspired by the show with Andrea’s Talent Show 41368 model. Comprising only 492 Lego pieces, this kid-friendly set from the Lego Friends series is suitable for anyone above seven years old. Three different sets of rotating stages are provided for endless creative play. The handmade lighting kit of Briksmax will let anyone with or without much electrical skills brighten up the structure from overshadowing when the surroundings are dark.

Specialties Of Andrea’s Talent Show 41368 Set

 Andrea’s Talent Show 41368

With the Lego 41368 lights, you can highlight the model standing above eight inches in height, five inches in depth and nine inches in width. As the kit contains no battery, you should buy three AA batteries in advance.

There are two Mini-dolls of Andrea and Chloe along with a rabbit figure. You can add the circular base of Olivia’s Hamster Playground 41383 set with this model to include the hamster riding motorbike on the stage.

The main stage featuring rotating speakers can be highlighted with Lego lights along with the three rotating separate mini sets, two backstage sections, magician’s box, cell-phone attaching stand and the judging panel.

The accessories include magic trick set, wand, toy rabbit, magic card and cape of the magician, camera, lipstick, hairbrush, cell phone, microphone, cup and the fabric skirt for Andrea.     

 Andrea’s Talent Show 41368

Get Andrea ready inside dressing room, let her appear on stage, perform magic, play drums or sing and twist a knob of clever box to bring the bunny. Use the LED for Lego to brighten up the two rotating speakers on the side stage that reveal large screens and play music or video from the cell phone to add a backdrop secured on the stage with two yellow clips.

Use drop-down flags to give thumbs-up or down reaction to Andrea’s performance and let Chloe use green and red buttons from judge’s panel for voting. Use the fireworks feature to announce the result.  

Highlighting Andrea’s Talent Show 41368 With Light Kit

 Andrea’s Talent Show 41368

 The light kit for Lego Friends 41368 Andrea’s Talent Show  set is suitable for anyone above six and you should keep it away from infants due to choking hazards. Open the box to reveal the lighting kit from separate plastic packets only after the Lego building is finished.

Use the universal and illustrated instruction book for step-by-step installation and user guide for further installation. Keep the after-sales card safe for manufacturer warranty of 2 years.

 Andrea’s Talent Show 41368

For lighting Lego, you will find four green and four pink 30cm and two pink 15cm slow-flashing lights, three small 30cm warm white, two 15cm pink, two 15cm white and four 15cm green LEDs.

Use the brick separator to insert the one 5cm and two 30cm connecting wires. Set up AA battery pack, two Adhesive Squares, 6-port expansion board and connect the 30cm USB cable.

Although air-bubble film is given to avoid damage, you should test each accessory before installation. Return and replace any defective light kit within seven days.

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