Top 3 Lego Set Light Gift Ideas Pleased To StarWars Fan!

Celebrate the passion for Star Wars saga with the Millennium Falcon, Yoda and First Order Star Destroyer sets to recreate various scenes from the movies. Both Lightailing and Briksmax has come up to help you brighten up these models regardless of daytime and night with the handmade light accessories and premium LEDs.

Light Kit For Yoda 75255

If you feel proud to be a Star Wars nerd and enjoy all sorts of collectibles, the Lego Star Wars series models would be perfect choices to showcase and try your Lego building skill. Whether you are a kid above six or an adult, have basic electrical skills or not, assembling the Lego sets followed by adding light kit on those will be as easy as a piece of cake. Each light kit from Briksmax and Lightailing comes in a hardcover box, inside which you will find accessories packed separately with air bubble films for added security from shipping damage. Testing the accessories beforehand is important, so is buying AA batteries as the light kits do not include those.

Three Lego Light Kit Ideas For Star Wars Models

The Lego set light kits are to be installed only after you have finished assembling the sets and prepared the brick separators. To help you through the installation steps and the further installation, there is universal illustrated manual and user guide for each kit.

1. Lights For Millennium Falcon

With 1353 pieces, the Millenium Falcon 75257 set is apt for anyone above nine years old and comes with the Minifigures of D-O and R2D2 droids, C3PO, Boolio, Chewbacca, Finn and Lando Calrissian. There are six random colored pieces for customization the light kit for Lego set consists of four strip lights and a 15cm LED of warm white glow, two slow flashing 30cm red LEDs and six blue 15cm LEDs. You also get 6-port and 8-port expansion boards, an Adhesive Square and three 5cm and two 30cm connecting cables with the lights. 

2. Lights For First Order Star Destroyer

Suitable for kids and teenagers especially aged between nine and fourteen years, the 1416-piece enormous model comes with Minifigures of Supreme Leader Snoke, Stormtrooper, Officer, Stormtrooper Sergeant and Shuttle Pilot of First Order alongside buildable medical droid and BB-9E. Thanks to the LED lights Lego 75190 First Order Star Destroyer 75190 will be highlighted with 21 blue 15cm LEDs and 4 warm white light strips. Other accessories include five Lego plates, an Adhesive Square, a 6-port and two 12-port expansion boards and one 5cm, two 30cm and three 15cm connecting cables.

3. Lights For Yoda

The Jedi master with his green lightsaber, Minifigure and plaque comprising 1771 pieces suitable for assembling by any 10+ years old enthusiast features posable head, toes, fingers and eyebrows. The Lego Star Wars set light kit for Yoda 75255 comprises two solid color projection lamps, one green light bar, one 15cm green LED and two 15cm blue LEDs along with two 6-port expansion boards, 17 Lego plates, three CR2032 Oval battery packs and three 30cm USB cables.

If you notice any defective, missing or broken light or accessory, return it within the time of seven days from the delivery and necessary replacement will be guaranteed. You will also get a manufacturing warranty of two years for each lighting kit.   

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