Holiday 2020 Best Gift Ideas For The Lego fans!

From Christmas Tree to Santa’s Workshop, Winter Village Station to Winter Village Market –there are several winter and holiday-themed Lego Creator models giving a merry vibe. Without the Lightailing and Briksmax lighting kits, these models will seem dull when it is dark.

Lego Winter toy shop

The Lego Creator series has always been introducing models on variegated themes and the exclusive Winter Village theme is one of the most popular among them. Celebrating the chilly winter season and the vibrant Christmas bonanza, there are twelve beginner to expert-level models based on the virtual Lego Winter Village. You do not have to be a skilled electrician to install the lights and accessories from Lightailing or Briksmax.    

Winter Village Cottage 10229

This 1490-piece expert-level model with igloo, storage shed, snowplow and cottage gets brightened up with warm white and white LEDs from the light kit for Lego Winter set of Lightailing. The father Minifigure with a white torch and the red LED on the sled make this set realistic.

Lego Winter cottage set

Winter Village Market 10235

This 1261-piece set features carousel, moving bucket area, eating space and stands for candy, grill and baker. There are red, yellow, blue, warm white and multicolored lights for the stands and color-changing blue and red lights for the revolving carousel with ornamental horses.   

3-in-1 Modular Winter Vacation 31080

The kid-friendly set with 374 pieces comes with small and large 15cm warm white light strips with two yellow 15cm LEDs. Create Yeti Surprise, Ski Cabin or Bobsleigh Track to highlight the Yeti outside toilet cabin, bobsleigh with a camera or the cabin with ski slope, flags, shop, rooftop and outdoor seating area.  

Lego Christmas tree

Christmas Tree 40338

The Lego lights for this 392-piece set includes yellow LEDs for the decorative balls and the top star and white LEDs for the other decors and the train moving around the tree base. There are several vibrant dangling balls, a blue-colored toy train and three gifts of blue, green and purple color.

Santa’s Workshop 10245

On assembling 883 pieces of this model, highlight the interior to the workshop, Christmas tree and the sled with two 30cm, seven 15cm and a strip light of warm white tone, slow-flashing five 30cm white lights and a multicolored string. Also included are 15cm and 30cm cables, 8-port and 12-port expansion boards and a USB hub.

Lego Gingerbread house set

Gingerbread House 10267

How to light up Lego 10267 set with 1477 pieces? Smoothly connect a 5cm and three 15cm wires with two color-changing strings, two 15cm yellow LEDs and five 10cm and five 15cm warm white LEDs of warm white glow.

Snow Resort Chalet 41323

On assembling the 402 pieces, you can lighten up the log cabin, bedroom, hot tub, dining area, lounge, snowmobile and fireplace with five 30cm and six 15cm LEDs of warm white glow, a yellow 15cm and flashing colored 15cm LED.  

Lego winter toy shop

Winter Toy Shop 10249

With 898 Lego pieces, the interior to the shop and the Christmas tree is lightened up with red LEDs, 30cm warm white LEDs and warm white strip light from the Lego Christmas set light kit.

Apart from these, there are also Winter Village Post Office 10222, Winter Village Station 10259, Winter Village Fire Station 10263 and Winter Holiday Train 10254 sets that you can lighten up with Lightailing or Briksmax light kits.

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