Feel The Frozen Winter With Winter Village Cottage 10229 Set

With a handmade lighting kit comprising high-quality accessories and premium LED lights from Lightailing, the Lego Creator Expert Winter Village Cottage 10229 model will never be out of focus. This 1400+ piece set will never be overshadowed even when your room is dark or it is night outside.

Light Kit For Winter cottages 10229

Winter is coming soon and so is Christmas. When the world is slowly getting back on feet from the nightmare of the pandemic, the revelry of Thanksgiving and Christmas will not be marred. The Lego Creator segment has its winter special series and among the models, you will find the Expert-level Winter Village Cottage 10229 model an interesting addition to the exclusive winter village. There are 1490 Lego pieces to assemble and the abundance of white tiles makes way for building a snowy landscape. If you are above six, the premium light kit from Lightailing can be installed by you easily even though you do not have any prior electrical knowledge.     

Specialties Of The Winter Village Cottage 10229

The light kit for Lego Winter Village Cottage 10229 should be installed after you have assembled the entire model, otherwise, you might find light placement confusing. The model is suitable for any 12+ years old Lego builder.

The holiday home structure comes with eight Minifigures including the mother, the father, the grandparents and three children along with the driver of the snowplow. It can be combined with other models from the Winter Village series like the Winter Village Post Office and Winter Village Bakery.

Winter cottages 10229

With the Lego lights, the snowplow can be highlighted that has 2.7”, 2.3” and 7” height, width and length with attached plow respectively. Role-play as the driver to drive it, glow it with a light brick, detach it to store at the rear side of the truck and clear the snow-swathed road in heavy snowfall.

The Igloo with height, depth and width of 2.7” each comes with removable roof to show the interior and a fireplace. Role-play as kids to build the igloo. The storage shed with a width and depth of 2.7” each and height of 4.3” features firewood elements brought on the sled and tools like a chainsaw to bring woods from the forest.

Light Kit For Winter cottages 10229

The 5.5” deep, 6.7” high and 9.8” wide cottage can be decorated with the Lego Christmas set light  and it contains accessories like a fireplace with the light brick feature, by which grandfather sits with the newspaper, chandelier, bed, armchair, kitchen appliances for baking by mother, the Christmas tree with gifts and wreath to be put up by father owl figure, kitten figure.

Things To Remember While Lighting Winter Village Cottage 10229

The lights are delicate and the accessories can be small enough to cause choking hazards among kids or get mixed up among the Lego pieces. To prevent any damage or complications, you should open the box only after finishing the model.

Light Kit For Lego 10229

The light for Lego does not contain any battery –you have to purchase three AA batteries separately and insert them in the battery pack.

Prepare the brick separator to pass the connecting cables easily between stubs. Check each installation step and illustration from the universal instruction manual.

Keep the user guide for future installation and the after-sales card as a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Test each accessory before the final installation. Place the expansion boards, Adhesive Squares and connect the USB hub.

If you find any part missing, damaged or defective, there is an easy return policy valid for seven days from the delivery date. You will get a replacement for the said kit.

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