Creator Expert Tricks For Parisian Restaurant 10243

Featuring the signature artistic and romantic vibe of Paris through the interior and exterior detailing of the Parisian Restaurant 10243 model, a French flair awaits the Lego builders. With 2469 Lego pieces, this extensive structure comes stocked up with a fully equipped kitchen, alfresco dining facility with outdoor seating facility, fining dining area for a special occasion, a cozy apartment with bed unfolding from the wall and an artist’s studio –all behind the ornate façade of the restaurant. This Creator Expert model is appropriate for any enthusiast over 16 years old while the lighting kits from Lightailing can be set up by any kid over six years old with an adult’s help.      

Light Kit For Parisian Restaurant 10243

Knowing About The Structure To Customize Lights

Unless you are fully aware of different features of the Parisian Restaurant model, installing the Lego LED lights  would not be a good idea as the light accessories are very small and delicate, thereby, prone to get lost among Lego pieces or get tampered. Once you have placed the five Minifigures of chef, romantic couple in the middle of a proposal, a girl and a waiter rushing between tables as well as two clams and a rat, it is time to know where to put lights.

  • The ground floor has a white and blue-tiled kitchen with variegated tableware and utensils where your chef works. On the first floor, you can lighten up the cozy apartment that is equipped with a put-down bed, fireplace and kitchenette.

Light Kit For Parisian Restaurant 10243

  • With the Parisian Restaurant Lego light kit, you can highlight the top floor where you will find the artist’s room filled with easel, cast-iron heater, palette, paintbrush, and two artworks. Warm lights also lighten up the stairs leading roof terrace with flowers and hanging lanterns.
  • There are also food items like pie, croissants, two cupcakes, two hotdogs, two grapes, cheese wedges, turkey, colored bottles, milk cartons which you can highlight. Besides, the menu, restaurant signboard, bus stop, dumpster, sidewalk, trash can, and scooter too can be lightened up if you want customization.

Knowing Lighting Tricks For Parisian Restaurant Model

No matter whether you have a basic idea of electrics or not, the Lego creator lighting kit  is designed as a plug-and-play set so that anyone can install the lights effortlessly. Just check each part after unboxing for any tampering and test the lights.

Light Kit For Parisian Restaurant 10243

  • The first trick is to know where to put the nine white lights (measuring 30cm each), four strip lights of warm white tone and the warm white LED for Lamp Post. Street lights, kitchen, dining, and internal lights are some of the sections where you can install the LEDs. Conceal the lights in such a way that they don’t mar the overall look of the structure.
  • After opening the light kit for Parisian Restaurant, prepare the brick separators and pass the two connecting cables of 30cm length and three cables of 15cm length comfortably without tampering. Connect the 30cm USB cable with the USB Hub.
  • Place the two expansion boards with 6 and 8 ports respectively and make use of the two Adhesive Squares and tweezers. Insert AA batteries inside the battery pack and add the four 1x6 Lego plates for customization.
  • Adhere to each step written in the instruction book and user guide for installation.

Once you open up the plastic bags wrapped in air bubble sheets and separate the light accessories, do not lose the warranty card as it will help you in repairing any damaged part within a year.  


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