Create Amazing Lego Room with Lightailing

Lego has been enthralling its fans from all over the world by offering numerous well-designed plastic bricks set for the last six decades. The company draws inspiration for its miniature models from a vast source of ideas which includes real-life architectural designs, famous buildings, animal world, fairy tales from different nations, movie themes, stories, characters and sets among others. Such is the passion for building these sets among the multitude of loyal Lego fans they often create their own displays at home or even in communities and keep adding to the collection over time.

In case you are planning to create your own such display and further brighten it up with LED light kit for Lego set, here are some tips that will help.

Organize the Lego Display

The first step is to create order from the chaos that is Lego bricks in unassembled form. Consider investing in a spacious storage cabinet with lots of drawers or plastic bins for keeping similar Lego bricks at the same place. This exercise will help you to quickly reach for the required pieces during assembly, thereby saving time. As you go on acquiring Lego play-sets, you will notice that many of these pieces are repeated in different models until you may have enough to build new designs from your stock itself which is an added bonus. This fun activity will be much easier if you know the exact amounts of plastic bricks in your possession. Also, many builds have alternate model-building instructions using the same parts – being organized will also help you to create such play-sets easily.

Create Themes

Lego has launched many models based on connected themes, movie world and its characters, vehicle series and many more over the years. Popular themes like Star Wars, Disney, Ninjago, famous landmarks’ collection, miniature models of famous cities’ skyline, animals and vehicles are some among them. Now, you may already be a follower of any such collection and take an active interest in accumulating them as per a release. Once you have acquired a number of such play-sets, consider displaying them together – ask your kids to think of innovative ways of interaction between different models or re-create a story or movie scene. Then illuminate them using Lego light sets  creating a beautifully coordinated display that is also fun for children to play with.

Light up the Play Area

As you will agree, lighting up any area lovingly and thoughtfully can create a magical place in your home. The kids simply love to play there and it looks beautiful when fully illuminated with well-placed lights. The same theory holds true in the case of Lego play areas also with the added advantage of having a professional electronic expert already pre-designing custom-made Lego night light  for individual models. These LED light kits are designed to completely integrate with its intended set with no wires or accessories visible. Moreover, you can now connect multiple such light kits together to create coordinated illumination. Now you can choose to brighten up your Star Wars Collection for now or shift to the Ninjago sets later.

Thus, you can create your own Lego World at home and further light up Lego sets  with custom-made LED lights. Children will love the added allure of brightly-lit Lego models and the display area will also work beautifully as a showpiece professing your passion for collecting Lego play-sets.   

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