Lighting tips for Route master Bus in London

No matter which age group you belong to, if you have ever traveled on the iconic double-decker London Bus or have dreamt of traveling on it, the Lego London Bus 10258 model can add up to the nostalgia. From the Lego Creator Expert series, this challenging yet rewarding model takes you both on the down memory lane ride to the 1950s as well as it gives you a contemporary look of this famous bus in recent day. With 1686 Lego pieces to assemble, Lego enthusiasts above the age of sixteen can indulge in creating different interior and exterior accessories of this bright red colored vehicle which can be an excellent addition to vehicle series of Creator Expert. Lighting the model can make it stand out even in darkness and kids above six years of age can easily try to set up the LED lights under adult guidance.

Light Kit For London Bus 10258

Knowing About Light Kit for London Bus 10258

It is always recommended that you open up the best Lego light kits  after assembling all the pieces is finished otherwise the delicate small parts might get mingled up with the Lego pieces or get tampered. Just open up the box and separate the accessories inside the plastic packets to test their functionality and ensuring that they are not damaged.

  • Purchase the AA batteries beforehand and insert them inside the battery pack. Prepare the brick separators to pass the small lights and LED wires comfortably without tampering.

Light Kit For London Bus 10258

  • Make use of the four 1x6 plates, one 1x2 plate, six-round 1x1 plates and one Trans Clear 1x1 round plate for endless customization with the London Bus structure. The Lego night light  set includes four strip lights of warm white tone and twelve warm white toned lights with 30cm length each –Customize them as you want.
  • Set up the 6-port and 12-port expansion boards and connect the two 5cm, two 15cm and one 30cm connecting cables with the lights with the help of tweezers. Connect the 30cm USB cable with the USB Hub.   
  • No matter what your knowledge about electrics is, the instruction book and user guide are written in universal language will help you in step-by-step installation.  

Special Features To Lighten Up With LED Lights

Light Kit For London Bus 10258

Knowing only about the Lego London Bus light kit would not be sufficient to lighten up the structure perfectly because unless you know about the special features, you might end up highlighting those parts which do not need lights.

  • The warm lights can highlight the exterior of the structure including the destination sign, large windows, panoramic windshield, curved bodywork, reversible transit posters in printed label forms and authentic standard-tread tire designs.
  • Open the hood and install warm light to highlight the engine, driver cabin with a sliding door and removable upper deck and roof.
  • The light kit for London Bus  also lightens up the interior featuring worn-look seats, opening boarding gate at the rear side with a pole, fire extinguisher, ticket bin, halfway spiraling staircase leading to sightseeing deck and also the additional accessories like discarded chewing gums, forgotten umbrella, and empty beverage can, and newspaper.
  • The August 2017 edition of quarter bows, red arches, 1x1x1 A2/3 vertical studded bricks is also notable features that you can lighten up with the lights.

Feature the 1950’s transit advertising poster or choose the one from the present day, slide the driver cabin door or remove the upper deck –there is much to do with the structure.    



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