Lighting Lego Set of Stephanie's House 41314

Those who followed Lego Friends of Heartlake City on television or online would surely be acquainted with the characters namely Stephanie, Mia, Emma, Olivia, and Andrea. While the show beautifully depictured the idea of friendship goals, Lego made its collection of models under the category of Lego Friends which feature different landmarks and scenes from the dreamy Heartlake City. Stephanie’s House 41314 is such a model from the Friends series with 622 pieces to assemble and it can be a perfect gift for your kids aged between six and twelve years who are being familiar with this show. As far as lightening up the model in darkness, there are delicate and premium lighting kits offered by Lightailing which will make sure your model is always in focus.

Light Kit For Stephanie's House 41314

What to Know about Lighting Kit for Stephanie’s House

After assembling all the Lego pieces for the model, you can open the box and the packets inside to reveal each accessory to light up Lego bricks. The accessories are of high quality but delicate –make sure they do not tamper.

  • Among the ten LED lights, you will get a 30cm and a 15cm white light, a warm white LED of 30cm length and four warm white LEDs each of 15cm length. Besides, there are also three strip lights of warm white tone to lighten up the house interior and exterior.
  • Prepare the two expansion boards with 6 ports each and place the Adhesive Square where needed. There are three cables of 5cm length each and a 30cm cable –prepare brick separators to pass the connecting wires comfortably without tampering.
  • The light kit for Stephanie’s House  comes with a CR2032 Oval battery pack for which you have to buy AA batteries. The 30cm USB cable is for the USB hub which you can connect with the main power.
  • The three random colored bricks are given for customization with the model. Make sure to follow each installation step written in the universal language on the user guide book and instruction manual.

Knowing About Special Features To Lighten Up

Light Kit For Stephanie's House 41314

While the manuals properly show where to put the lights, you should know about the special features of the Lego Friends Stephanie’s House so that you can customize with the lights as you wish.

  • The modular 2-storied house has a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, lounge, porch, office, a rabbit hutch, and a spiral staircase. There are mini-dolls of Stephanie, her father James, mother Alicia and also the baby rabbit Chili.
  • Downstairs, you will get to lighten up the opening front door leading to hallway, kitchen with opening fridge, oven, cooker hood, hob, table, chair, sink, bay window, and window seat. The lounge has an opening door, television, coffee table, and sofa.

Light Kit For Stephanie's House 41314

  • You can light up Stephanie’s House Lego set  with its bedroom upstairs with bed and desk, the opening door leading to the curved balcony, toilet, shower room, basin and the office area with swivel chair, desk, and laptop.
  • The exterior light will lighten up the outside area with the porch where you will find a swinging chair, rabbit hutch, and mailbox.

Let Stephanie prepare dishes at the kitchen or Alicia feed the rabbit, let James vacuum clean the lounge or let Stephanie climb the spiral staircase –there are plenty of play opportunities. Just test the lights and other accessories before playing –there is a warranty card for any repairing.    


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