Lightailing Unveils New Light Kit for Heartlake City Pet Center 41345

The animated television program series of Friends Of Heartlake City with Olivia, Emma, Mia, Stephanie, and Andrea had touched the chords of many kids during their school days and it still does evoke a sense of nostalgia. The Lego Friends series brings back the good old days of animated shows through the structures like Heartlake City Pet Center that comes with 474 Lego pieces. While this beginner model is appropriate for kids in the age group of six to twelve years, those wanting to give a new dimension to this model even at night can check out the lighting kit that can highlight the special parts when the room is dark. 

Light Kit For Heartlake City Pet Center 41345

How to Make the Best Out Of Light Kit for Heartlake City Pet Center

The light kit for Heartlake City Pet Center  has small and delicate parts which can be choking hazard to kids. So, it is recommended that you do not let kids below six years old handle the lighting accessories and also make sure that the accessories are unboxed only after the model is fully assembled.

  • Warm white-toned two strip lights, two lights with 30 cm and seven lights with 15cm length, three white LEDs with 15cm length, a 15cm pink LED, two 15cm red LED, a slow flashing 15cm red LED and a slow flashing 15cm colored LED are provided. You will get LED-compatible connecting cables too –two of which measure 30cm each and three measuring 15cm each.
  • With Lego LED light kits, you can light up the two-storied building including the pet shop, vet clinic, mobile van, delivery cart, animal playground, and grooming parlor.

Light Kit For Heartlake City Pet Center 41345

  • The lights can highlight the pet shop featuring animal food on sale, animal entrances, cash register, hamster tubes, and fish tanks. Install lights on the vet clinic upstairs that has a weighing scale, sleeping area, and examination table as well as on the animal playground that has seesaw upstairs, pet grooming parlor delivery cart and mobile van offering grooming services.
  • Before or after you light up Lego sets, place the Minifigures of the dolls namely Liam, Stephanie, and Mia along with five animal figures namely the bird Mimi, the hamster Harry, the poodle Lady, the bunny Mini, and the turtle Bubble.

Light Kit For Heartlake City Pet Center 41345

  • You will get two Adhesive Squares, an 8-port and three 6-port expansion boards, a power cable measuring 30cm for the USB hub and a battery pack for which you need AA batteries. As batteries are not included in the package, purchase them separately beforehand.
  • While you set up the connecting cables and lights, make sure they are not forcibly passed beneath and between the bricks. Six random colored pieces are also provided for customization with the Lego Heartlake City Pet Center
  • Keep the after-sale warranty card safely in case you need some repair within a year. Go through each installation step on the user guide book and instruction manual properly so that regardless of your expertise in electrics, you can install them easily.

Let the pets being driven in the grooming van or let them be groomed in the parlor, watch Lady being scaled at the vet clinic and Harry running through the tubes –there are endless play possibilities with the model. Install the lights to make the scenes look livelier and the details of the model look extraordinary.   


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