3 Amazing Ideas For Harry Potters Lego Set Build

Ever since J. K. Rowling has created the virtual yet magical world of Hogwarts with Harry, Hermione and Ron being one of the three most loved characters worldwide, the number of “Pottermores” has risen significantly. Various companies have released their custom merchandise featuring Harry Potter or Hogwarts while the Lego Harry Potter series has made their extensive models to enthrall the enthusiasts. However, the magic is not limited there as Lightailing launched its LED lighting kit which helps these structures to be lightened up even while the room light is off. As these structures comprise of hundreds and thousands of Lego pieces creating various detailing, these LED lights can highlight the special features to make each model stand out.

3 Ideas to Make Harry Potter Sets Look Special

From Hogwarts Castle to the Hogwarts Express, from the lavish Great Hall to the scary Whomping Willow, from Hagrid’s Hut featuring Buckbeak’s Rescue scene to the speeding Knight Bus –all the structures can be lightened up with Harry Potter Lego lights.

  • Assemble Lego Pieces Before Lights And Customize

For the sake of not getting the lighting accessories tempered or lost among the small Lego pieces, you must finish assembling the Lego model first. It will give you an idea of where to put the lights or pass the wires from and also ensure that the pieces are not mixed up or tampered. Once done, open up the packets containing different light accessories, check them properly and install them at the required or your choice of places. The best Lego light kits  can also be customized if you are up for creativity in your model. You can also adjoin two or more Harry Potter models along with their respective lights to create an extensive scene.  

  • Prepare Separators, Battery Pack And USB Hub Beforehand

As it might be confusing for you to prepare lights and other accessories simultaneously, you can make your job easy by setting up some accessories like battery pack, USB hub, and brick separators beforehand. Buy some AA batteries (buy an extra for emergency) and after opening the light kit for Harry Potters Lego set, insert the batteries inside the battery pack. You will get a USB hub in which you have to connect the USB power cord and set up the break separators which will help the connecting wires pass comfortably through.   

  • Go Through Installation Steps To Avoid Complication

It is totally understandable that not every Lego enthusiast, especially kids above six years old would have proper electrical knowledge and would find the light kit installation quite daunting for their skill set. However, there is nothing to worry as only by plugging in the USB to the main power source, you can light up Lego bricks. All you have to do is to follow the installation steps on the instruction manual and user guide properly to know which parts to connect and how as well as were to pass the wires and lights and how.  

With these, also make sure the outlet where you are going to connect the lights is working properly without any complications. Test each part included in the lighting kit to make sure there is no tampered part –if you find any such, replace or return the merchandise within a week. Test the lighting setup once you are done installing and after final installation, enjoy your Lego magical world from the Harry Potter franchise.  


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