Lighting Lego Monastery Of Spinjitzu 70670 Set

The 2011 animated series of Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu was a sleeper hit among the large Lego fan base consisting of both kids and adults who are young at heart. Bringing it alive through the Monastery of Spinjitzu 70670 models from Lego’s Ninjago Legacy series would be a treat to any enthusiast as it recreates the battle scene featuring Wyplash attempting to steal the Golden Weapon. There is no need to worry about your model being oblivious to onlookers at night in a dark room because the lighting kit is here offering sufficient brightness.

Light Kit For Monastery of Spinjitzu 70670

All about the Light Kit for Monastery Of Spinjitzu Model

You can now light up Lego bricks  holding the model of Monastery of Spinjitzu together with the lighting kit that has small delicate parts packed inside bubble-wrapped plastic packets. After assembling the model is complete, open up the light kit and test whether they work properly and are in perfect shape.

  • Among the 19 LEDs, there are five strip lights, two 15cm lights and one 30 cm lights of warm white tone which are for lightening up the monastery entrance gate while two 30cm lights of natural white tone are used for highlighting the rotating training station for the Ninja warriors and the tea room. You will also get a yellow light of 30cm length, three pink lights of 15cm length each and five yellow lights of 15cm length each.
  • Pass the five connecting cables (each measuring 15cm) included in the light kit for Monastery of Spinjitzu  comfortably through the Lego pieces so that they remain concealed but not tampered.

Light Kit For Monastery of Spinjitzu 70670

  • Prepare the two expansion boards each with 8 ports and insert batteries inside the CR2032 Oval battery pack and AA battery pack. Make use of Adhesive Square and the two USB cables of 30cm length for the hub.
  • Refer each step written on the user guide and instruction manual for easy installation even if you don’t have electrical knowledge. There are 17 random colored Lego pieces for customization of the model.      

Knowing the Features of Monastery of Spinjitzu to Highlight

Light Kit For Monastery of Spinjitzu 70670

Once you know about the Lego LED light kits, it is better to be acquainted with the tidbits of the model so that customization and proper installation of lights become easier. With 1070 pieces to assemble, this moderately difficult set is appropriate for anyone over 9 years of age.

  • The Monastery comes equipped with entrance gate, rotating warriors’ training station, tower, chicken trap, buildable bonsai, historical Ninjago mural wall stickers and tea room featuring hidden knife-trap operated by a lever and two seats.

Light Kit For Monastery of Spinjitzu 70670

  • The Lego night light  can illuminate the training station where warriors can practice Spinjitzu with two rotating swords, the “fruit-cutting section” featuring apple, banana and knife and the two handheld battle platforms where Minifigures of Wu, Nya, Zane, Jay, Lloyd, Kai, and Cole can practice.
  • The lights can also be used to highlight the four Golden Weapons namely Sword of Fire for Kai, Nunchucks of Lightning for Jay, Scythe of Quacks for Cole and Shurikens of Ice for Zane as well as bo staff for Wu, the dagger for Wyplash and spear for Nya.

The four Ninja warriors including young Kai, a sword-maker in quest of his sister and the teacher Sensei Wu who trained them for finding the four Spinjitzu weapons were the main attractions of the series. Use the LEDs to make sure your model stands out even in darkness.     


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