Dazzling Display With Lighting Creator Lego Set

From Harley Davidson Fat Boy to Corner Deli, Riverside Houseboat to Grand Emporium, the Lego Creator models are popular among the enthusiasts for their creativity. The excitement doubles when you add LED lights with accessories from Lightailing or Briksmax and make the structures glow in the dark.

According to your Lego building skill, Creator and Creator Expert series from Lego are there to garner your creativity in building structures that you see regularly, for example, the Town Hall or Ferris Wheel. While there are buildings like Fire Brigade, Pet Shop and Brick Bank, vehicles like Volkswagen T1 Camper Van and Ford Mustang are also there along with the festive structures like Winter Toy Shop and Carousel and astronomical models of Space Shuttle Explorer and NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander. Your Lego models do not need to look dull or remain shadowy in the dark as there are handmade and high-quality lighting kits from Lightailing and Briksmax.

Popular Lego Creator Models to Lighten Up With Light Kit

Each light kit for Lego Creator series  is designed in such a way that not only electrical experts but also those without any electrical knowledge can install the lights just by referring to the universal instruction manuals. Here are some of the popular sets –

Grand Emporium 10211 

Light kit for Lego Grand Emporium will highlight this 15”x10” set of 2182 pieces with two flashing colored 30cm lights for three floors, six 15cm and four 30cm white LEDs for the billboard, five warm white light strips, one 15cm LED and one lamp post of warm white tone. With five randomized Lego bricks, you will get one 8-port and four 6-port expansion boards, two 5cm, two 15cm and five 30cm connecting wires, two Adhesive Squares and a 30cm USB cable.

Harley Davidson Fat Boy 10269 

You can bright up Lego Harley Davidson  Fat Boy with one blue and two warm white light strips, five 30cm red, four 15cm blue, two 30cm warm white and four 15cm white LEDs. There are also two random colored Lego pieces, two Adhesive Squares, a 30cm power cable, a 5cm and two 15cm connecting wires, an AA battery box, a 6-port and two 8-port expansion boards for this 1023-piece set.

Corner Deli 31050 

Assemble the 467 pieces and get the best light kit for Lego Corner Deli  that contains five random colored Lego bricks for customization. Add four warm white light strips, one pink 15cm LED, one white 15cm LED and two white 30cm LEDs with one 15cm and three 5cm connecting wires. Set up the 6-port expansion board, Adhesive Square, CR2032 Oval battery pack and 30cm power cable for the USB hub.

Riverside Houseboat 31093 

Riverside Houseboat 31093

Light up Lego Riverside Houseboat  consisting of 396 pieces with one 15cm and one 30cm white LED, one warm white 15cm LED and three yellow 15cm LEDs. There is an 8-port expansion board, CR2032 Oval battery pack, Adhesive Square and 30cm USB cable.

Apart from the above-mentioned models, you will also get light kits for Creator models like Monster Fighters Haunted House 10228, Corner Garage 10264, Palace Cinema 10232, Santa’s Workshop 10245 and so on. Any 6+ years old can install the lights easily –testing the accessories before the final installation is recommended.  

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