Brightest J.B.'s Ghost Lab 70418 at LEGO Hidden Side

Let your kids assemble 150+ pieces of J.B.’s Ghost Lab and engage in spooky ghost hunting sessions through the Hidden Side mobile app. The warm white, white and green LEDs from Lightailing and Briksmax lighting kits will make the structure glow even when the room is dark.

With only 174 pieces, the J.B.’s Ghost Lab 70418 structure can be a perfect beginner model for kids aged above seven, especially with its dual play opportunity regarding Hidden Side mobile app. The Lego model that, otherwise, looks static will teem with spooky features once you have scanned it with the interactive app.  While bringing augmented reality (AR) into the Lego model featuring intricate tech detailing and scientific tools inspired by reality, the app will ensure imaginative play opportunities regarding the mad scientist’s lab haunted by ghosts. Get lighting kits from Lightailing or Briksmax to make ghost hunting at night more enthralling.

What Is So Special About J.B.’s Ghost Lab 70418 Model?

With Lego night light, the 5 inches tall, 3 inches deep and seven inches wide J.B.’s Ghost Lab 70418 can be brightened up once you are done assembling all the pieces. The Hidden Side app is compatible with the selected Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices –install it and bring virtual details into the physical model.

  • There are three Minifigures of Jack Davids with his ghost dog named Spencer, the scientist girl Douglas Elton and the haunted friendly janitor J.B who can role-play in the multiplayer AR game with their Smartphone and beaker.

  • As you light up Lego Hidden Side J.B’s Ghost Lab based on the virtual Newbury Town that is haunted by ghosts, the tech equipment and ‘Tesla Powered’ scientific laboratory will be highlighted.   
  • Just like looking through a window, as you scan the Lego structure through the app, you will spot various clues, solve different mysteries to upgrade your level, capture the floating ghosts around the lab, turn the colored wheel to interact with the mini-game, remove the ghost from janitor Minifigure and unlock the boss ghost named Bobo.

Lighting Up J.B’s Ghost Lab 70418 Set With LED Light Kit

The Lego LED light kits do not contain AA batteries, so you have to get three batteries in advance and also set up the brick separator. The premium light kit is handmade and designed regardless of your electrical knowledge so that all you need to do is plug into the main power and watch the vibrancy unfold.

  • The light kit contains one 10cm yellow light, one 30cm blue light, five 15cm and three 10cm green LEDs, which are to be connected with the wires hidden comfortably and passed between the stubs without force.
  • For ease of installation, the light kit for Lego 70418  comes with an instruction manual written in the universal language with illustrations for each step. The user guide makes way for the latter setup of lights and the after-sale card offer manufacturer warranty of two years.
  • There is also a 30cm power cable for the USB hub, an AA battery box, an Adhesive square and 12-port expansion board for setting up.

It is highly unlikely that any accessory will get damaged during shipping as each accessory packed inside separate plastic packets is wrapped with the air-bubble sheet. However, you should check them properly and in case you find any damage or malfunctioning, there are a return and replacement window open for a week.



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