The Ultimate Icon Of The Lego StarWars Universe: The Millennium Falcon 75257

The Corellian freighter Millennium Falcon 75257 model from the Lego Star Wars franchise lets you recreate many scenes from The Rise Of Skywalker movie. With Lightailing or Briksmax lighting kit, the model gets a new look at night.

With the release of Star Wars Episode IX, The Rise of Skywalker last year, the craze of this sci-fi series has touched a paramount and Lego Star Wars series treats the enthusiasts accordingly. With 1353 Lego pieces, the Corellian freighter model of Millennium Falcon 75257 brings the iconic starship in life. As you assemble the 5 inches high, 17 inches long and 12 inches wide Lego model, you can place the five Star Wars Minifigures of Finn, Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca, Boolio and C3PO along with droids D-O and R2-D2 to create different scenarios from the movie. The handmade high-quality LED lighting kit offered by Lightailing and Briksmax will make the Lego model more vibrant especially at night.

Knowing About The Millennium Falcon 75257

Complete assembling the Lego structure before unboxing the 75257 Millennium Falcon light kit  so that no delicate part gets lost or damaged. There are six random colored Lego bricks in the light kit which can be used for additional customization of the structure.

  • Designed for 9+ years old enthusiasts, the starship comes with opening cockpit canopy to house two Minifigures, opening top panels to reveal the detailed interior to the ship for space adventures and a hidden compartment for smuggling.

  • You can light up Legos  to highlight the top and bottom turrets with rotating feature and space for two Minifigures on the bottom turret, the lowering ramp, and the two spring-loaded shooters.
  • The interior features two containers in the cargo area, rotating chair, navigation computer, Dejarik hologram table, bunk, hyperdrive having repair tools and galley. There is Chewbacca’s bowcaster that fires studs and blasters for Lando and Finn.

Lighting Millennium Falcon 75257 Set With LED Light Kit

The Lego LED lights  and accessories are suitable for anyone above six years old and with the plug-and-play model, anyone with or without electrical knowledge can assemble the light kit. You have to test each accessory before installing them finally on the structure because a broken or defective part can cause hazards.

  • The instruction manual written in the universal language features detailed installation steps and supporting illustrations so that a 6+ years old kid or an adult, an expert or a layman in electrics can set up the light kit. The user guide is there for the latter installation.  
  • You can light up Lego Millennium Falcon 75257  with four warm white toned strip lights, one 15cm warm white LED, two slow flashing 30cm red LEDs and six 15cm blue LEDs. The blue and white LEDs are for the opening cockpit.

  • Prepare the brick separators beforehand so that you do not need to pass the three 5cm and two 30cm connecting wires forcibly. As there is no battery in the light kit, get three AA batteries for the battery holder. Set up the Adhesive Square along with 6-port and 8-port expansion boards.  

To avoid tampering and damage, each lighting accessory is packed inside separate plastic packets and these are wrapped with air-bubble films. Still, on testing, if you find any defect or broken part, get it replaced within a week. The after-sale card offers a 2-year guarantee.  



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