The Magnificent Lights For DC Super Hero’s Car: 1989 Batmobile 76139

Relive your childhood memories with the 1989 Batmobile 76139 set from Lego DC Super Heroes. Use Lightailing or Briksmax lighting kits to bring this model with over 3000 pieces into life even in darkness.

No matter whether you prefer Marvel or DC, the craze for Batman is common in every segment and with a new Batman movie lined up, you would love to reminisce in the 1989 Batman days. Lego DC Super Heroes series has come up with the advanced-level 3306-piece 1989 Batmobile 76139 model that is suitable for any enthusiast above 16 years old. This classic black car model from the classic Batman movie comes with the display stand for Minifigures of Bruce Wayne as Batman, Vicki Vale, and the Joker, which were added in November 2019. Adults who are skilled in electrics, as well as 6+ years old kids who have no electrical knowledge, can set up the handmade lighting kits available from Lightailing and Briksmax to recreate the night chasing scenarios.

Knowing About 1989 Batmobile 76139 Set

Before you light up the 1989 Batmobile 76139  model standing 4” tall, 8” wide and 23” long, you should add the three randomized Lego pieces from the light kit for customization. With slide opening cockpit having two Minifigure seats, wraparound windshield and grappling hooks, the Lego structure brings back many memories.

  • In November, last year, Batman, Vicki, and Joker got new torso and face decoration, Batman’s cape, gun and Batarang from the 1989’s movie, Joker’s gun and Vicki’s buildable camera.

  • With Lego night light the rotating buildable display stand featuring statistics of 1989 Batmobile will be highlighted along with non-shooting machine guns that is hidden beneath the bonnet and pops up as you turn turbine exhaust, steering wheel, two detailed grappling hooks on both sides, the Bat logo on wheel trims, batwings and sleek tyres on front wheels.

Lighting The 1989 Batmobile 76139 Set With Lighting Kit

As you complete the structure and place the Minifigures to recreate different scenes from the 1989 Batman film, you can open the box of light kit for Lego 76139. Remove the air-bubble wrapping and bring out the accessories from the plastic packets to test them properly before the final setup.

  • There is an after-sale warranty card valid for 2 years, a user guide for latter installation and an instruction book in the universal language with installation steps and illustrations.

  • Get AA batteries for the battery pack as the light kit does not come with a battery. Connect the 30cm power cable with the USB Hub and set up the Adhesive Square and brick separators. The light kit also contains one 6-port, one 12-port, and two 8-port expansion boards.  
  • You will get one 15cm, two 5cm and five 30cm connecting wires to be passed smoothly between the stubs. Light up Lego bricks  with one warm white and four blue light strips, six large 30cm warm white LEDs, two slow flashings 30cm and ten 30cm red LEDs and two 30cm yellow LEDs.

To avoid electrical hazards, if you find any malfunctioning or damaged accessory, return the light kit within a week and get a replacement. Make sure the power supply is less than 5 Volts to avoid electrical burns.

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