Epic Lighting Build Experience of Awesome Set Welcome to Apocalypse burg 70840

With more than 3000 pieces to assemble, Welcome To Apocalypseburg! 70840 set featuring twelve Minifigures will let you enjoy 360-degree assembling of scenes from The Lego Movie 2. The LED lighting kit from Lightailing and Briksmax highlights the Statue Of Liberty, different rooms and lookout platforms.

Animated movie fans and Lego building enthusiasts who loved every bit of The Lego Movie 2, can now recreate their Lego version of Apocalypseburg with 3178 pieces. This master-level model of Wellcome to Apocalypseburg! 70840 is suitable for 16+ years old enthusiasts. The model features twelve Minifigures added in January 2019 namely Batman, Green Lantern, Harley Quinn, Mo-Hawk, Larry the Barista, Fuse, Roxxi, Lucy, Emmet, Scribble Cop, ‘Where are my pants?’ guy and Chainsaw Dave along with the rat figure. Make the alien invasion and 360-degree Lego play more enjoyable with the lighting kit from Lightailing and Briksmax that is for 6+ years, old users.

Special Features Of Welcome To Apocalypseburg 70840 Model

Finish assembling the Lego pieces before you light up Lego Movie 2 Welcome To Apocalypseburg set  that stands 20” high, 12” deep and 19” wide. The light kit box contains bubble-wrapped plastic packets with separate accessories and after opening it, you should test each accessory properly.

  • There are accessories like Lucy’s quiver and crossbow, two surfboards in surfboard rack of Dave, two coffee mugs for Emmet, six Skeleton head elements like two hair mannequins, armory mannequin, signpost, engine decoration and basketball, buildable telescope, ladders and opening sewer.
  • Welcome, To Apocalypseburg Lego set light kit will highlight the removable modules like the Statue Of Liberty, Lucy’s hideout, barber or tattoo parlor, Scribble Cop’s chamber, café, Fuse’s Workshop, spa, gym, armory, rooftop diner, and three lookout platforms.
  • With the best Lego light kits, you can lighten up Liberty’s chill-out compartment on top, opening head and buildable torch. Coffee Unchained has a cash register, service counter, two cups, buildable coffee machine, outdoor and indoor tables, three seats and parasol while Cop’s office has chair-kicking features and opening cell doors.

  • The mannequin, three helmets, goggles and two buildable weapons at the armory, chair, hair-cutting tools, and tattoo machine at barbershop and shower and hot tub at the spa are also highlighted by Lego night light. There is a punching bag and weightlifting bench at Train-carriage gym, buildable oven, condiment dispensers, V8 engine, table, food elements, fryer and pan at diner, chest and fire extinguisher at rooftop workshop, buildable bed and seat, hidden compartment with Batman’s love-letter, weapon storage, barbed wire, truck, water tower and removable roof for Hideout.

Lighting Up Welcome To Apocalypseburg 70840 Set

The light kit for Lego Apocalypseburg  requires AA batteries for the battery pack and contains twelve random Lego pieces for customization with the model. Two universal instruction books and a user guide with illustrations will help even a layman in electrics in the proper light set-up.

  • Bright up Lego 70840  with one red, one blue and ten white light strips, two 30cm blue, three slow-flashing 15cm white,  three 15cm and ten 30cm white LEDs connected with two multifunctional boards for flash adjustment and one 50cm, four 15cm, six 30cm and seven 5cm wires.
  • Set up the USB hub with 30cm power cable and prepare the three Adhesive Squares, one 8-port and four 6-port expansion boards.

The after-sale card offers a manufacturer warranty of two years and there is a return-and-replacement window for a week. If you find any defective or damaged part, get it replaced before the final setup.



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