Defeat the Thanos In the Ultimate Battle 76107

Recreate the Infinity War scenario according to the movie of your choice by assembling the Thanos: Ultimate Battle 76107 so that you can cheer for the defeat of Thanos again and again. Make the battle scenario featuring Iron Man, Star-Lord and Gamora more effective with the LED lights.  

A perfect crossover of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers –the earth’s mightiest heroes is reflected from the Lego model of Thanos: Ultimate Battle 76107. With the phase IV kicking off successfully, Marvel fans can utilize their Lego building skill or let their little ones aged between eight and fourteen assemble this 674-piece set in a way reliving the epic Endgame or Infinity War moments, but with some customization. Just as the Marvel movies are blessed with award-winning special effects, your Lego structures will be enhanced with the LED lighting kits from Lightailing, which are age-appropriate for any enthusiast above six and with any electrical knowledge.    

Making the Thanos: Ultimate Battle 76107 Vibrant With Lights

In assembling the Lego set completely and in setting up the lights, the user guide books are really helpful. Start with the Lego LED light kits  only after the final assembly of the Lego set and make sure to test each accessory inside the plastic packets of the Lightailing box for ensuring their functionality. You can easily return and replace any defective item within seven days after purchase.

  • The notable parts of the Lego set are the three Minifigures of Iron Man, Gamora and Peter Quill as Star-Lord, the large figure of Thanos, his Infinity Gauntlet with stand measuring 4cm in height and the colossal Guardian’s Ship measuring 9cm height, 22cm length and 46cm width.
  • The light kit for Ultimate Battle Lego set consists of warm white LEDs that can lighten up the opening cockpit of the Guardian’s Ship where the 5cm x 5cm Space Scooter is kept for two Minifigures of Quill and Gamora. The windshield can be flipped up and the rear compartment featuring two Minifigure seats can be opened.

Lego light kit

  • The roof can be removed to reveal the Infinity Gauntlet with attachment points where the five collectible and one included Infinity Stones can be attached. Pass the connecting wires comfortably to light up Lego bricks completing the look of the adjustable wings and the two stud shooters along with the escape pod connecting point.
  • Start the fight by placing the sword in the right hand of Thanos and then let the trio prevent him from getting the Infinity Stones in vain. Take the golden Infinity Gauntlet from the stand and replace the left hand of Thanos with it.
  • The light kit for Thanos in the Ultimate Battle will also highlight the detachable sword and other weapons of Gamora and two laser guns of Peter Quill. There are ten assorted elements in translucent blue color for the Power Burst feature.
  • Get three AA batteries for the battery box and connect the USB cord with the hub to let the LEDs power up from the main power source.

The after-sale card offers two years manufacturer warranty and the universal instruction manual offers you installation guides with detailed steps and illustration. You need no extra electrical skill as the light kits are designed as plug-and-play models.   



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