Delightful Christmas Light kit Gift to Winter Village Fire Station 10263 and 10259 Lego

When the month is full of Christmas vibes, there is no need to wait till 25th December to start the festivities because Lego Creator models of the Winter Village are there to set the mood. Just as the local buildings and the railway station of your locality get new vitality with the Christmas trees and lighting, the Winter Village Fire Station 10263 and Winter Village Station 10259 models get a new look with the LED lights from Lightailing.

So, this Christmas and the Christmases to come, the Lego builders aged above 12 years can try out assembling the Lego structures and installing the light kits which are age-appropriate for 6+ years old users.

Lighten Up Winter Village Station 10259 Set

The best Lego light kits  for the 902-piece Winter Village Station come with illustrated instruction manuals and user guides in a universal language so that layman or expert, anyone can install the lights. There are five 1x6 Lego Plates and four 1x1 Lego Round Plates for customization with the model.

  • You will get an AA Battery Pack and a CR2032 Oval Battery Pack for which batteries are to be purchased separately. Apart from the 30cm USB cable, you will get two 15cm, a 30cm and two 5cm connecting wires which are to be passed through the separators neatly without tampering.
  • There are 8-port and 12-port expansion boards and to light up Lego bricks, you will get five warm white light strips, six warm white 15cm LEDs and six warm white 30cm LEDs.

  • The lights can lighten up the snowy train, platform, clock tower, twin barriers and lights for grade crossing, green trees, mailbox, and lampposts. The ticket counter can be highlighted with the transaction counter and timetable while the coffee shop is highlighted with the detailed interior featuring a cash register, menu, cups, serving hatch and espresso machine. Also, notable is the bus with opening doors, removable roof, festive decoration, gift packages, and a luggage rack.   

Lighten Up Winter Village Fire Station 10263 Set

Now you can bright up Winter Village Fire Station Lego set  consisting of 1166 pieces including six Minifigures namely three firefighters, a girl with a scarf, ice hockey player and the saxophonist, a buildable snowman, baby figure, and Dalmatian figure.

  • The two-leveled fire station has an intricate façade featuring ornate windows, decorative columns, holly decorations, large red doors for garage, firefighter statue, lamppost, and Christmas tree. You can highlight the turntable ladder, deep-treading tires, and toolbox for the fire truck as well as the garage with firefighting equipment and a fire pole. The LED light will light up the interior to the upper level featuring a dining table, kitchen, red telephone, folding bed, dog bed, and a coffee-maker.
  • You can light up Lego sets  with multicolor changing string, two warm white and a white light strip, two 15cm red LEDs, three 15cm white LEDs and eight 15cm LEDs of warm white tone.
  • There are a one-port and two 6-port expansion boards, a 30cm and three 15cm connecting wires, two 30cm USB cables, Adhesive Square, CR2032 Oval battery pack and an AA battery pack, seven random colored bricks and user guide with the instruction manual.

With the LED lighting kits for the Fire Station and Train Station, you can enjoy various building challenges like raising truck ladders or building a snowman or lighting up windows at the Fire Station as well as let the ticket agent slide tickets or raise barriers of the crossing at the Village Station.       

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