Lighting Delightful First Responder 42075 Set

The contribution of the firefighters to the city is nothing to be doubted about because whenever there is a fire emergency or rescue operation, they are the first and fast responders. To pay homage to these social workers, the Lego Technic series has the stunning First Responder 42075 model in bright red, black and blue color scheme. This two in one model with 513 Lego pieces can be easily transformed into a suave Fire Racer from the First Responder replica.

Know About the Lighting Kit for First Responder 42075 Set

The First Responder 42075 Lego light kit  comes packed inside a sturdy box and there is hardly any chance that the accessories will get tampered because each packet containing the light kit is wrapped with bubble film for preventing handling damage. Still, in unfortunate cases, you are free to return and replace within a week of delivery.

  • No need to be disappointed if you have less or zero knowledge of electrics because the illustrated instruction manual with installation steps written in universal language will make your job easy. You will also get the user guide book that helps in latter installation while the after-sale card offers manufacturer guarantee for 2 years.
  • The Lego light kit  comes with two warm white 15cm LEDs, four white 15cm LEDs, two red 15cm LEDs, four yellow 15cm LEDs, and four blue 15cm LEDs. The multicolor changing LEDs are for the overall decoration of the vehicle while the white and red LEDs are for the front and rear lights.
  • There are sixteen Lego bricks in random colors which you can include in the model for customization before setting up the lights. Prepare the brick separators to pass the three connecting wires, each measuring 5cm. Buy batteries for the AA battery pack and set up the Adhesive Square and 30cm power cord for the USB hub. Also, make use of the multifunction board, a 6-port, and two 8-port expansion boards.

Special Features of the First Responder 42075 Model

The Lego night light  kit perfectly enhances the night view of the fire truck in the black and red color scheme when there is a dearth of natural light or the room lights are switched off. This replica model of the SUV of the fire department stands 20cm tall with the extended light tower and 12cm tall with the retracted tower. The transformed Fire Racer, on the other hand, is 28cm long and 9cm tall.

  • There are a set of authentic stickers to make the truck look realistic while the chunky tires, extended black rims, spot lamps mounted on the roof and the warning beacons in blue color give the vehicle a detailed exterior look.
  • The light kit for First Responder Lego  will liven up functions like working suspension and steering, extendable and retractable light tower and the working winch that can tow vehicles from risky areas.
  • The LEDs also highlight the driver’s cabin with an opening storage compartment filled with various tools and the opening doors.  

Lego enthusiasts, especially those aged between nine and sixteen who have a keen interest in automobiles and different cars would love to assemble this structure. As for the light kit from Lightailing, there is no age barrier because except for below six years old kids, everyone can try out installing the lights.    

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