Best Light Kit For Arctic Mobile Exploration Base 60195 Lego Set

Winter is here and anything related to ice or snow would match up the chilly vibe, be it a day out in the snow or a day spent indoor assembling Lego pieces of the Arctic Mobile Exploration Base 60195 set. The Arctic expeditions in current years are not uncommon to people but when it comes to a make-believe expedition scenario set in pre-historic age, the fun is sure to double up. With 786 pieces, the Arctic Mobile Exploration Base set is such a model with a fantastical Mammoth Minifigure along with four Arctic explorers, driver of a crane vehicle and the Arctic expedition leader.

Although the model is appropriate for kids aged between seven and twelve, any adult enthusiast can make the best out of it and even add LED lights from Lightailing.

Lighting Kit for the Arctic Mobile Exploration Base Set

The delicate light kit for Arctic Mobile Exploration Base Lego  is handmade and can be choking hazards for kids. Hence, it is appropriate for kids only above six years old and you can accompany or guide your kids while they set up the lights.

  • While the user guide book helps in future installation, the universal instruction manual has illustrated steps to help anyone with or without electrical knowledge light up the set. The after-sale warranty card is there for a 2-years manufacturer warranty.
  • Twelve Lego pieces of random color are offered in the light kit for easy customization with the model. You will also get two Adhesive Squares along with a 6-port, two 8-ports, and two 12-port Expansion Boards.
  • To light up Lego bricks of the crane vehicle and the snow bike, you will get two white light strips, two 30cm white LEDs, sixteen 15cm white LEDs, seven 15cm warm white LEDs, two 30cm yellow LEDs, and four 15cm red LEDs.
  • The 30cm USB power cord is for the USB hub and there is one 15cm and three 30cm connecting wires which you should pass smoothly through brick separators. Get batteries beforehand for the AA battery pack and two CR2032 Oval Battery Packs.

Special Features of the Lego Arctic Mobile Exploration Base

Get your Lego model assembled before you open the LEGO night light  kit because the small light accessories get mingled up with Lego pieces easily. Release the mammoth by cutting the ice with lowered saw arm or analyze the findings at a mobile lab before heading to the basecamp, place the basecamp with the crane before excavation or load the ice chunk on the trailer with the crane hook to haul back.

  • Apart from the accessories like two saws, two ice picks, two mugs, jackhammer, bone, radio, two snowshoe pairs and camera, the frozen mammoth inside the translucent blue and white ice block is quite notable.
  • Use the Lego lights  to highlight the articulated rotating arm, hook, trailer and platform and the all-terrain wheels of the crane vehicle. The lights will also lighten up the opening door and radar dish of the mobile lab unit and the mobile saw vehicle featuring snow bike, rotating saw and articulated arm. The vehicles can be hooked in train formation except for the bike.

Test the lights to see whether they are working properly and also the accessories to see whether there is any tampering. Replace or return the package in case there is any discrepancy.   

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