Lego Confectionery Lighting Build Gingerbread House set 10267

The cheerful vibe of Thanksgiving is still here and Christmas is just a few days away. While you are all set to prepare for the most delicious and decorated cakes, gingerbreads and candies, Lego enthusiasts can take the excitement a few notches higher with the Lego Gingerbread House 10267 model that comes with 1477 pieces.

The set is age-appropriate for anyone above twelve years old, so there is no bound for anyone wanting to try out something new and inedible for this winter vacations! Christmas is all about fairy lights and vibrancy –there is no way your Lego model should be in the dark when the room lights are off. Lightailing has the LED light accessories which are also available for pre-order as of 11th December in this year’s batch.

 What Is Special about the Light Kit for Gingerbread House Set?

Assembling the pieces to create this colorful and classic Creator model is nothing less interesting than decorating your edible Gingerbread house. The light kit for Gingerbread House Lego set  will make those intricate details come alive with the seasonal charm.

  • The user guide book is there for setting up the lights to the detailed interior and the on the façade filled with candy. The illustrated instruction book with installation steps will be helpful for both the electrics experts and anyone without electrical knowledge.
  • Add the two random colored Lego pieces for customization and prepare the AA batteries for the battery pack. Set up the brick separator to pass the three 15cm cables and a 5cm connecting wire comfortably.
  • The Lego night light  kit comes with a warm white light strip, five warm white 10cm LEDs, five warm white 15cm LEDs, two yellow 15cm LEDs and two multicolor changing strings for the frosted roofs, vibrant candy buttons, columns made of candy canes on façade, walking sticks, chimney stack, glittering windows, glowing fireplace, snow blower, baby carriage and interior.
  • The light kit also includes an 8-port and two 6-port expansion boards, two Adhesive Squares, a flashing module board and a 30cm USB cable for setting up the lights.

Special Features of Lego Gingerbread House Model

Now that you know how to light up Gingerbread House set, you should know about the special features of the Lego model so that you can customize with the lights and know where to put them –

  • Your imaginative family living in the house is complete with the three Minifigures of Gingerbread man and woman with a baby. The candy furnishings to the interior include a lamp made of cotton candy and chocolate bed in the intricate bedroom and bathtub and toilet in the bathroom.
  • In August two new elements were added such as the gold bar in tan and the transparent purple 1x1 glitter brick. The cozy fireplace can be flared up with Lego LED light kits by pressing the knob above the chimney smoke outlet.
  • Apart from the frying pan, axe, baby bottle and cups, special elements include wrapped gifts, toys like train and rocking horse and the Christmas tree.

Set up the signposts made of candy canes or clear sidewalks with snowblower, tuck the baby in the carriage or get the Minifigure in the bathtub –use the light kit to enjoy various building experiences.    

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