Discover Lots Of Cool Functions In the LEGO Technic Concrete Mixer Truck 42112

With over 1100 pieces, the Lego Technic Concrete Mixer Truck 42112 is a moderately challenging set for those having an interest in automobile and engineering. Briksmax comes with 19 high-quality LEDs and handmade accessories in its Lighting kit that can brighten your Lego set up regardless of whether it is day or night.

Packed with realistic functions and authentic designs, the Lego models from the Technic series give a firsthand experience of engineering. The Concrete Mixer Truck 42112 set is one such Technic model consisting of 1163 Lego pieces and suitable for any kid or adult Lego enthusiast above ten years old. What makes it stand out even when the room lights are switched off or when it is dark outside, is the premium lighting kit of Briksmax that can be installed by any layman or expert of electrics alike.

Specialties Of Concrete Mixer Truck 42112 Set

The accessories and LED for Lego Technic  Concrete Mixer Truck are very small and delicate with choking hazard risks. So, it is better to finish Lego building and then open the box that contains light accessories packed separately in plastic bags wrapped with bubble films.

The Concrete Mixer Truck, once fully assembled, stands seven inches high with a width of four inches and a length of sixteen inches. You will get a hundred Lego 1x1 bricks that can be used as concrete.

With the Lego lights, you can highlight the large rotating mixing drum, the opening cab for the driver, a moving motor, and eight sturdy wheels that give it a realistic look.

Explore the world of civil engineering and construction by turning the drum manually to mix concrete or go automatic to see how the mixer turns and rotates with the movement of the truck.

Unload the concrete bricks inside the blender by using the handle to adjust the funnel and by turning the drum counterclockwise.

Highlighting Concrete Mixer Truck 42112 With Light Kit   

Suitable for any 6+ years old Lego builder, the light kit for Lego Concrete Mixer Truck 42112 comes without batteries, and therefore, you have to purchase the required AA batteries in advance. On opening the light kit, make sure that all the accessories are included and test them properly to avoid further complications.

The after-sales card offers a manufacturer warranty for two years. The user guide helps in future installations and the illustrated universal instruction manual helps in step-by-step installation.

The Lego Technic set light kit comprises four warm white 15cm, two white 30cm, four yellow 15cm, two yellow 30cm, four slow flashing 30cm yellow and two red 30cm LEDs along with a warm white light strip.

Insert one 30cm and four 15cm connecting cables between the stubs. There are a Receiver board and a CR2025 remote control that lets you adjust the glow of the lights.

Connect the 30cm USB cable to the power hub and keep the main power below 5V. Insert batteries in the AA battery box, place two Adhesive Squares, and prepare a 12-port, an 8-port, and two 6-port expansion boards.

If you notice any missing accessory, any broken part or accessories not working properly, return the package within a week from delivery and you will find a replacement. Resembling the actual robust vehicle, this Lego set with navy blue color scheme complemented by white and yellow detailing ensures an immersive Lego building experience.

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