Lighting Lego Ferrari F8 Tributo 76895 Set: Racing Speed Champions

For Any racing car enthusiast, the Lego Speed Champions Ferrari F8 Tributo 76895 set with above 250 Lego pieces will be a perfect structure to start with. This beginner-level set can be lightened up with the Lightailing light kit that anyone with or without electrical skill can install easily.

Kids who love playing with toy cars and even adults who love racing championships would be familiar with Ferrari and its long-standing association with car racing. The Ferrari F8 Tributo 76895 set from the Lego Speed Champions series can be easily combined with various other sleek replica cars to create an extensive setup of a thrilling car race. With 275 Lego pieces, this kid-friendly structure is suitable for anyone above seven years old and has a realistic appearance resembling the original glamorous car from the Italian designers.  Your Lego car will never be overshadowed or out of focus even in dark as the handmade and high-quality light kit from Lightailing is there.

Highlighting The Ferrari F8 Tributo 76895 With Light Kit

The light kit for Lego Ferrari F8 Tributo 76895 set  is suitable for anyone above seven years old. It comes in the sturdy hardcover box inside which respective accessories are kept in separate plastic packets wrapped with bubble films to avoid any handling damage.

The Lego Ferrari F8 Tributo is now made upto 25% larger than before with more authentic designs. The car stands one inch in height with a length of five inches and a width of three inches.

The Lego builders, especially the kids will find it easy to assemble the pieces with the instruction kit having step-by-step guidance, just as you find during the installation of the LED light for Lego Technic

Before opening the light kit, you should finish assembling the model, so that the delicate and small parts do not go missing or get broken. Also, get the required batteries for the light kit as there is only the battery pack included.

The brick separators are given so that you can make sure the connecting wires are passed between the stubs easily and without any damage while you conceal them from the exterior look.

The Lego lights will highlight the detailed V8 engine that is the fastest in Ferrari history. The white and yellow LEDs will highlight the headlights, the four taillights have yellow LEDs and the interior has warm white LEDs.   

You will get a driver Minifigure for Ferrari racing –place him on the driver’s seat behind the wheel and start the adrenaline-rushing fun of the racetrack. There are Ferrari logo and license plate pasted on the rear side of the car.

Just like the lights for Lego Technic set, the Lego Speed Champions lights are customizable. They come with the expansion boards, Adhesive Squares, and USB power cables that you have to connect to the USB hub.

For ease of light installation with illustration, the detailed instruction book written in the universal language will be helpful in each step. There is a user guide book that comes handy in further installation. Keep the after-sales card safely for two years as the manufacturer's warranty.

You should always make sure that all the accessories are included in the light kit and test each of them to see whether they function properly. If there is any defect or missing part, return it within a week and get a replacement.

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