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Have you ever visited the Disneyland or checked out its amazing highlights online to satiate your interest? The centerpiece of the Disney theme park might be the castle, but to access this and other parks of the park, you have to walk down the Main Street Station, often wondering how exciting a train journey from the station would be! If the Lego Disney Castle 71040 blew your mind, be prepared for another enormous scale structure from the Lego Disney series itself, that is the Lego Disney Train And Station 71044 set.

Weighing nearly 4.29 kilograms, this Lego set box has a dimension of 23”x21.18”x5.12” and when fully assembled, the station building will be 15” high, 6” deep and 14” wide with the 30” long train that runs along the 37” long oval rail track with a diameter 27” wide. Let these numbers not confuse you while reading the Disney Train And Station review so that you can assemble 295 pieces of this elaborate model created in resemblance with that from the theme park opened during 1955.

Lego Disney Train and Station with lights

Created for anyone aged twelve and above, the model can bring the young and older members of the family together in creating the easily accessible rooms that garner imagination. Power up the motor when done and you can add lights to prevent overshadowing. The price of the set is USD and EUR 329.99 and GBP 299.99.       

Know What The Disney Train And Station 71044 Set Is All About

Although assembling the entire model is not something that a little kid can do, there are numerous opportunities for young ones to play the sound effects of the train, role-play as any of the five Minifigures as they wait for the train or get tickets before going onboard. Here are the highlights of the set –

  • The Minifigures of the Disney famous characters that you have known since childhood are there with respective accessories. Look out for Mickey Mouse, Minnie mouse, Goofy, Dale and Chip as they set out for a magical train journey reimagined by you. Minifigures have seating inside the passenger car and you can also place them in the station to create a bustling vibe.
  • Reminisce your childhood days of building train tracks for those train toys or let your little ones accompany you in attaching four straight and sixteen curved track pieces to give the railway track a complete look.
  • Complete with the passenger car, locomotive, parlor car and tender in front of the detailed station building, the set lets you use batteries (that are to be purchased separately) for the Tender. Check out the Powered Up accessories namely the 88009 hub with the 88011 Train Motor.
  • The Lego Disneyland train can get realistic audio effects, as well as move the 4“ high and 3” wide train forward and reverse with any smart device like tablet or mobile. All you need to do is connect it with Bluetooth via the Powered Up app from Lego and the train starts on the oval track.   
  • The steam-styled motorized locomotive features a vintage look with red wheels that have functional coupling rods and you can connect the train passenger cars with those Lego magnetic couplings. The interesting parts of the locomotive include a driver’s cabin, a large smoke stack and the large red fender.
  • The removable panels give access to the interior to a luxurious parlor car where you can see the rich décor with armchairs, table, cup, teapot etc.
  • Just like the theme park station, the Lego train station exterior is made stunning with the elaborate façade, balcony and draped windows, two towers featuring flags bearing Disney signature and Mickey silhouetted head prints and the vintage tower clock.     
  • The interior to the station comes alive with the brick-built details and furnishings like wall clock and ceiling chandelier. Be prepared for the Lego Disney surprise at the tower room and create different scenarios at the café corner and ticket counter.
Lego 71044 review

The Building Experience Of The Disney Train And Station 71044 Set

The Lego 71044 review will now move forward to the building process as you are aware of the highlights. If you have assembled the Lego Winter Holiday train 10254 set earlier, building the train and station might seem like a more advanced experience with a traditional steam train. To give you a heads up, here are the few things you should expect from the model –

  • You will not find the building process of the set monotonous, thanks to hardly any repetition. The SNOT construction to create the classic getup of the train with the sophisticated engine is quite intuitive.
  • If you are wondering whether the Powered Up hub will look odd outside, there is nothing to worry as it gets enclosed inside the tender and you will find it easy enough to hide the hub while giving a perfect shape to the tender.
  • While the passenger car is like a piece of cake to anyone who has some experience of Lego building and will remind you of the theme park railway carriages, the main enjoyment lies while assembling the parlor car. Be patient while adding the luxurious and textured look to its exterior. It will take a bit of skill in building and adding the arm chairs with the tea set within the confined space of the parlor.
  • It is easy to separate the pieces of the tracks, train cars and the building as you proceed to the building after completing the cars. As you follow the Lego Disney Train review and add the grey and masonry bricks for the wall, the building gains its height with an upscale texture.
  • Add sloped bricks to create the roof and at regular interval, you will have to add the ornate pieces to create the window frames and door arches. Lanterns can be created with paint rollers while handcuffs and robot legs can be used for rooftop railings.
  • While The Disney Castle 71040 set interior featured decorations inspired from the Disney shows and movies, the Disney Train and Station 71044 set creates a realistic interior as seen in real-world with ticket counter, curtains and model trains. The left column is thicker than that on the right, something that you will see in the original Main Street Station of Disneyland.
  • The small interior details like the ceiling chandelier for the lower floor, trash can and scales will be easy and enjoyable to add, especially in the same place as in the original station. Decorate the walls with pictures with train references and monorail transport system of Disney.
  • Among the highlights to add are the Lego Disney Castle 71040 micro version with small 2x3 stud box and a plethora of stickers that are to be stuck on several bricks attentively.            
  • The shape and color scheme of the train resembles the first Disneyland Train C. K. Holliday. Place Mickey Mouse Minifigure in the driver’s cabin as if he is the driver. Minnie Mouse Minifigure has its classic attire including the new soft skirt that allows it to sit. Posable small legs of Dale and Chip look quirky with their tiny suits. Goofy Minifigure has its moulded head and classic torso with trousers.    

Lighting Up The Disney Train And Station 71044 Set

If you are new to Lego lighting, it is better to finish building the entire set with the train station, tracks and connecting cars of the train before unboxing the lighting kit for Disney Train And Station 71044 from Lightailing or Briksmax. If you though the building process was a bit too strenuous for the little ones, decorating the Lego Disney Train and Station with lights is suitable for them if they are six or above because the light kits are plug-and-play sets that do not require electrical skills.

  • There are seven 15cm, two large 15cm and fifteen 10cm LEDs with warm white glow, seven strip lights of warm white glow, two 15cm white LEDs, one 15cm blue LED and one 15cm yellow LED provided in the kit.
  • Keeping the connecting wires hidden from the outer look is recommended and you can do so by carefully passing those between Lego stubs, thereby preventing any damage.
  • You get four 5cm and eight 15cm connecting wires along with one 30cm and one 50cm wires. Two USB cables measuring 30cm each are also included in the kit to connect with the hub.
  • Throughout the process, you can take help from the illustrations and steps described in the universal language in the instruction book while the two user guides will help in later installation of the Lego LED lighting kit.
  • The three Adhesive Squares are to be used accordingly and you should keep the after-sales card safely for 2 years of purchase as manufacturer warranty. The kit also contains one 12-port with eight 6-port expansion boards. Batteries are not there in the box and it is better to arrange the required AA batteries for the two battery holders.
Lego led lighting kit

It is better to test the accessories before you proceed to the light installation, otherwise, any defect (if any) might get overlooked and can create complications during the installation. The replacement window is open for a week of delivery and you should also maintain the voltage below 5V to avoid any hazard.     

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