Assembly Square 10255 review

Who does not love the bustling and thriving downtown vibe before starting a day or at the end of the day’s work? The Lego Assembly Square 10255 has the same vibe throughout its three levels and there is no dearth of challenge as you build each part. Created especially for the AFOLs or the adult fans of Lego whose craze for Lego building has never faltered since childhood, this model with high difficulty level has 4002 pieces to assemble. Be prepared for investing about 10 to 14 hours of undivided attention if you want to make this modular building set age-appropriate for sixteen years old and above, a success.

A thorough Assembly Square 10255 review can give you a kick-start to the building process right from the unboxing to the Lego light installation. The box set has a dimension of 58.19cm x 48.01cm x 16.99cm that sets the weight at 4.75 kilograms. Whether you enjoy a family time building the set with kids or test your skills, the set has lots to offer, be it the eight Minifigures or the adjustable furniture inside the buildings.

Assembly Square Lego review

The price of the set is USD 279.99, which seems quite reasonable in respect to the finished model that will be thirteen inches in height, nine inches in depth i.e. one baseplate deep and fourteen inches in width i.e. 1.5 baseplates wide. Released as the 10th anniversary special model of the Lego Creator Expert series in January of 2017, there are three buildings where the two-storied middle one having a concealed roof level is a bit detached by the central fountain and the two three-storied buildings are on either side of it.

What To Expect From Assembly Square 10255 Model

There are several sets from the Modular Buildings section such as Parisian Restaurant 10243, Corner Garage 10264, Brick Bank 10251, Downtown Diner 10260 and Detective’s Office 10246 that you can combine with this model to create an entire Lego town. The Assembly Square is the largest of the series and to know more about its exclusive pieces, follow this Lego 10255 review

  • Among the rare colored pieces, you will get sixty 1x1 cheese and forty-nine 1x2 medium nougat tiles, twenty-two 1x1 bricks and fifty 1x2 profile bricks on sand blue color, around 400 dark bluish grey and more than 900 light bluish grey bricks.
  • Five reddish brown and black staircases, about eighty window-like panels and windows, twenty-one solid panels, nineteen black door frames and two white and black doors at 450angle are included. You can fit variegated clear windows and doors into the frames.
  • The newly decorated pieces include transparent door panel of the garage, silver ink satellite dish, transparent brown windscreen, multicolored yellow and blue bird number-2, light blue flat tile and transparent glass featuring dentist signage.

Therefore, you will find two main building façades, including several façade elements. While as the 16 white and yellow striped awnings for the café can be configured in different ways for the 4 standard windows, the 18 garage door sections can be configured in the two bakery windows. Similarly, you can also experiment with the layouts for the windows for example, using bay window on both sides of entry door for the front façade.

The Bakery offering a morning treat, a routine check-up at the dentist office, taking ballet lessons at dance studio, taking the baby on a pram and choosing flower bouquet from the florist –there are lots to explore. The levels can easily be removed to access the interiors of the buildings. Now, coming to the highlights in the Lego Assembly Square review –

  • You will get to role-play with eight Minifigures including the florist, barista, dancer, dentist, photographer, the AFOL or Lego fan and the music shop assistant. There is also a baby in a stroller while the photographer gets to click pictures by adjusting camera tripod, the barista can take out freshly-baked pastries out of the opening oven door and the Lego fan can relax by folding out the sofa bed. In Spring of 2017, the dentist’s torso including the white gloved hands and breast pocket containing dentistry tools were added.
  • The Café Corner 10182 box front with 2x3 tile were also added in 2017 spring and you will get corner angle and curved tiles, excavator scoops of Lego Technic for roofing elements and garage doors that can be converted in box windows. The accessories included in the set are the pretzel, ornamental candy and chicken, ballerina skirt, buildable lamps, grill, telephone and the Chihuahua figure.
  • The exterior features elaborate façade, three brick-built shop signage, detailed doors and windows, decorative roofline with terrace and spire tower. The sidewalk comes with fountain, two streetlamps, outdoor furniture for the café etc. the rooftop terrace has table, buildable barbecue grill, one neglected plant and access to the apartment on upper level that has buildable sofa bed, toilet, detailed kitchen, modular miniature buildings like Eiffel Tower and Lego train.
  • While the top level is equipped with reflective mirror and brick-built piano for the dance studio, the middle level music store has brick-built drum set, saxophone and 2 guitars. There is photo studio featuring classic brick-built camera on adjustable tripod and dental clinic featuring reclining chair, sink and waiting area in middle level.
  • The ground level of Assembly Square has bakery featuring shelves, buildable assorted treats and pastries, wedding cake, cash register, counter and opening oven. There are pie elements, seating area, bench, espresso machine and counter at the café. This level also includes the florist shop with yellow and blue macaw parrot, bouquets, flower arrangements, garden tools, counter and cash register.

lego 10255 review

The Building Experience Of The Assembly Square 10255 Set

Now that you discovered all about the set from the Assembly Square Lego review, it is time to weigh in how the building experience will be. If you are worried about how tiresome it will be keep your head stuck into attaching the Lego pieces for more than ten hours, there is nothing to worry as you can just separate your time in a few days as per your convenience to complete six bags in the main box. One of the easiest ways to start is to assemble the contents from bag 1 to bag 3 in one day and then assemble the contents of the rest of the three boxes one by one in the following days in a laid-back pace.

The instruction book shows the Lego pieces with yellow outline to help you choose the right piece while assembling. There are nearly 146 double-sided spreads on the book i.e. on an average, each page contains 14 pieces although the number varies as there are some repetitions.

1. 1stBag For Ground Layout

In this phase, you will get to build most of the 1 ½ baseplates with different features and patterns, especially for the two entrances of the buildings and the fountain base. You will not find repetitions as there is a plethora of colors and different pieces included in the bag. The instruction book makes sure to group different colored pieces in such a way that you will understand which colored brick to use where.

This bag also lets you build the vintage designed baby carriage that has its handle beautifully integrated to the side. Once you finish this bag, the foundation of the rest of the structure is laid. 

2. 2ndBag and 3rd Bag To Create Café, Bakery and Florist

The ground levels of the first two buildings i.e. florist and bakery are assembled on this stage. Put the technic axle below the rear staircase for pushing out the baking tray from the oven at a great angle so that you can see what it contains. Create the wedding cake topped with the bride and groom element using six round 1x1 plates. Place garage doors vertically to create the two windows of bakery and these look stunning when you pair them with lights created by welder’s torch (Minifigure accessory). The 1x2 plates can be used to create the base of the window that has upright handles.

Once the 2nd bag is complete, the left side of ground floor including florist store and café is created using the contents of 3rd bag. Use 2x2 hinge plates to keep the front door at 450 angle and put up the kitchenettes and other furniture. The backyard alley laden with plants gets a cover with the 4x6 Lattice.

lego assembly square lighting kit

3. 4thBag To Create Photo Studio And Dental Clinic

 In this stage you will build the dentist clinic above bakery and the photo studio above the florist shop. Place the 1x2x2 small window glass facing downwards and the 1x2 technic brick for the plughole below the window to create the sink. The clinic has significant free space adjacent to the undivided studio and you should put up the white backdrop that gets integrated to the wall easily and an oversized vintage camera to give the studio a complete look.

4. 5thBag To Create Dance Studio and Music Store

In the 5th bag, you will get the pieces to finish up the third or final floor in the left building. Assemble the wall strongly so that it can hold the mirror of the dance studio properly. Use white grilles that are partially covered for building the realistic piano. The 1x2 plate including teeth is there for building the foot pedals.

Among several musical instruments, you will have to assemble the drum carefully for the music shop. Set up the flat roof for the building and add the detailed fretwork at the top.

5. 6thBag Creates Studio Apartment With Rooftop Diner

In this final stage, you will not only create the studio apartment connecting the outdoor dining area on rooftop above the dentist clinic and photo studio respectively but also add finishing elements like the street lights and fountain on the square. Apart from the long train set with the Eiffel Tower structure displayed in a circular corner, the apartment includes the sink built by the medium stone grey 2x2 Corner Wall Element and 1x1 brick that makes the rear wall of the sink.

To complement the overall detailed look of the façade, the flat rooftop also includes details and a contrasting color scheme to the one you created below. Check out the 2 black Technic excavator scoops on which the roof is set and below this you will find the elaborate base with hammers in row.

lego 10255 light kit

Light Kits To Make The Assembly Square 10255 Look Stunning

Once you have finished and verified that the entire structure is complete, it is now time for the lighting kit of Assembly Square 10255 from Briksmax or Lightailing. Age-appropriate for those aged 6 and above, the plug-and-play kit should be tested thoroughly before you add those in such an elaborate set.

  • The kit includes eight random Lego plates that can be used for customization. There is no battery in the kit –he AA battery holder will require three AA batteries.
  • Two illustrated instruction kits with universal guidance and a user guide for later help can make even a layman of electrics install the kit easily.
  • A multifunctional board, two Adhesive Squares and a 6-port expansion board are included in the Lego 10255 light kit.
  • Pass the six 15cm, one 5cm and four 30cm connecting cables between stubs to avoid any damage and to keep the wires concealed from outside.
  • The interior and exterior get highlighted with one 30cm and seven 15cm warm white LEDs, one 30cm blue LED, two 15cm red LEDs and eight white light strips. There are also two warm white lights for the two lampposts outside the buildings.     

Once the installation is done, connect the two 30cm power cables to the USB hub and turn on the main power while making sure that the voltage never gets above 5V, otherwise electric burns may occur.

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