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Does the mesmerizing sound of piano soothe your mind? If your answer is yes and you find solace in the soft tunes of piano music, the Lego Grand Piano 21323 can be the best collectible you can have. Whether it is a gift to your pianist kid or friend, or a décor for your piano table, this set from the Lego Ideas series will be a coveted one, especially if you share the same enthusiasm about Lego building.

Designed by Donny Chen, the Lego Ideas Grand Piano 21323 set brings together 3662 Lego pieces that make it an expert level model suitable for anyone who is 18 years old or above. With its difficulty level set high, your perseverance, concentration and patience will be tested as you assemble this unusual, remarkable and tricky set.

From flipping the lids open to raising the stool, this grand set has lots to offer and once completed, you can even enjoy watching how the keys jingle when stuck. The box has a dimension of 58cm x 38cm x 16cm and it weighs more than 6 kilograms, which will give you an idea of the scale.

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What is more, you get to lighten up the piano for attracting the glances in the dark and also use the Powered Up accessories with mobile so that the music is played on the device when the keys move. 

What The Grand Piano 21323 Set Is All About

The Grand Piano stands 22.5cm in height, 35.5cm in depth and 30.5cm in width once you have finished assembly. The price for the model will be USD 349.99, GBp 319.99, CAD 449.99, DKK 2699.0 and EUR 341.17. For musicians and Lego enthusiasts alike, this Lego 21323 review will help you make the DIY building experience more rewarding. However, before that, you should know about the exclusive pieces and how they work –

  • Among the two exclusively printedpieces, you will get the 6x6 white tile referring to the music sheet of Playday by the designer, which you can place on the piano as or keep as a collectible. The music is composed by Donny himself and it is included among other songs from the mobile app and the tile acknowledges his input.
  • The black 2x2 special inverted brick with ‘Lego’ inscribed in golden color reminds you of the 1930’s when wooden Legos were manufactured by the company. You can place this piece to the underside of the keyboard lid or dropboard.
  • Among the recolored parts, you will find the six curved 1x4x3 black bricks, twenty five warm-toned pearl gold hoses to be used as piano strings of different lengths, four to be precise.
  • Other rare parts include three 2x16 sand yellow or dark tan plates, two 1x2 and four 1x5 Technic Bricks, two 3x3 brick yellow plates, twenty one 2x2x2/3 medium nougat curved slope, three 11x8 wheels having center groove, three gold bars, one 8x3 Wedge plate, five Hoses etc.

grand piano lego review

Just as you need batteries for the Piano lights for Grand Piano set, the self-playing feature of the model with Lego Powered-Up element will require six AAA batteries that are to be arranged separately. Just install the Power Up mobile app on your smart device and go for ‘user play’ if you want to play notes by yourself or ‘auto play’ in case you want to listen to the four included songs one by one.

Throughout the process, you can make the best use of the coffee-table styled instruction booklet that also contains details about Donny in four pages. So, to create your miniature model of the concert piano, here are your highlights –

  • The piano keyboard includes 25 keys, each of which comes with the authentic hammer action.
  • There are moving pedal and dampers along with a motor that runs compatibly with the Powered Up App.
  • The top lid and fallboard can be opened and closed as you wish while the bench can be adjusted according to the height of the imaginary pianist.    

lego ideas grand piano 21323

The Building Experience Of Grand Piano 21323 Set

Now as you have a detailed idea of what the set contains, follow the Grand Piano Lego review to know how you can build this sophisticated model. Apparently, this set lets you create a large brick box consisting of several layered walls within which lies the detailed core with Technic frames. So, putting it simple, the internal layers and the frames fit together to form the entire model, for example, there is a door that offers access to motor switch by swinging open, thanks to the connecting diagonal rim.    

  • You might have to remove and reattach plates to prevent warping and offering this tricky set a strong maneuver.
  • Stated through the wooden hues including dark tan and tan to make the building experience better, a realistic detail is obtained.
  • Multicolored filler bricks for the Technic Axle inside the piano are color coded for easy building of the Mixel ball joints that create movement for the keys.
  • The keys have slight variations and the inverted grey ice-cream cone scheme offer loose connections to make the keyboard look realistic with moving keys.
  • An educational approach is there with the removable keys as youcan learn how the keys work in an actual piano.
  • Although once finished, the piano is too heavy, but you can move it around a smooth surface and the realistic approach is never missed with the functional tiny wheels, which can spin smoothly in any angle.
  • Rest those connecting axles in grille slope grooves to adjust angle of the piano stand.
  • The inverted smooth boat studs along with revealed tubes underneath the plate will create a buttoned-top cushion for the stool. 

Lighting Kit For The Grand Piano 21323 Set

Now it is time to install the best Grand Piano light kits once the Lego building is complete, although testing each LED and accessory is recommended to avoid complications. Both Lightailing and Briksmax offer handmade lighting kit for Grand Piano that anyone who is 6+ years old, can install even without having any electrical skills.  

There are eight strip lights of solid RGB color to create the color changing effect of the piano keys and with two 15cm and six 1.6cm RGB connecting wires, these light can be set up easily. The soundbox and keyboard also get highlighted with the three small strip lights of warm white glow along with two 15cm, four 30cm and nine 10cm warm white LEDs.

Once you are about to install LED lights to Lego Grand Piano using one 30cm, one 50cm, two 15cm and two 5cm connecting wires, make sure you know how to add the RGB receiver board and two Adhesive Squares. Use the CR2025 remote control and set up the AA battery holder.     

Throughout the installation process, the illustrated universally described steps in the instruction book will be helpful while you can use the user guide for future help in light installation.  

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