Dream Up Trilling Action-Packed Stories With Lighting Lego Monkie Kid Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011

The Lego Monkie Kid Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011 set with over 1100 Lego pieces is dipped into Chinese folk tales. The premium Briksmax lighting kit contains handmade light accessories compatible with 33 high-quality LEDs that anyone with or without electrical skill will be able to set up.

Light Kit For Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011

The Chinese mythical stories featuring the vigorous Monkey King and the novel Journey to the West have long been inspiring kids to be resilient and the Lego Monkie King series ensures nothing less. Hours of Lego building opportunity lies with the Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011 set that is suitable for any enthusiast above nine years old. While the physical play is fun with assembling 1111 Lego pieces, digital play is available with the Lego Life app that has free of cost Instruction Plus to let you zoom in and out, visualize models while building and rotate. The lighting kit from Briksmax will never let the structure be overshadowed when it is night or the room is dark.

Specialties Of Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011 Set

Light Kit For Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011

Before lighting Lego Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011, you should make sure that the delicate parts are not damaged and the small light accessories are not mingled up with Lego pieces. Keep three AA batteries arranged beforehand as the light kit has no battery and always finish Lego building before opening the light kit box.

The tow truck stands six inches tall with a length of 15 inches and a width of 8 inches. There are seven buildable vibrant Minifigures of Monkie Kid, Snort, Roar, Grunt, Red Son, Lee and Mei with respective weapons.

Light Kit For Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011

The LED light for Lego  will highlight the race car or Inferno Truck to recreate the battle between Monkie Kid and Red Son when the latter attempted to rob the Speedy Panda store. The vibrant delivery Tuk-tuk of Pigsy can be driven by Monkie Kid to rescue Lee, the store owner.

The Inferno Truck features the button for launching an integrated race car or detaching it and firing the rapid six-stud shooter. Drag the ATM out of the buildable store with the exploding function using the winch and use the two power-cell cannons during the battle.  

Highlighting Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011 With Lighting Kit   

The Lego 80011 set light accessories and LEDs come packed separately in plastic packets with air-bubble protection against rough handling. Check whether all items are included, whether all items are in proper shape and functioning properly.

Use the five random colored Lego plates for customization. Refer to each illustrated installation step from the two universal instruction manuals and keep the user guide for further assistance.

Light Kit For Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011

Prepare the brick separator for passing a 5cm, a 15cm and two 30cm connecting cables smoothly without damage. The lights for Lego  include two 10cm, two standard and two small 30cm LEDs, one large 15cm and six standard 15cm warm white LEDs, one white light strip, one slow-flashing 15cm colored light, four 10cm, four 15cm and eight 30cm yellow LEDs and two 15cm red LEDs.

Set up one 8-port, two 12-port and two 6-port expansion boards with a flashing module board. Prepare two Adhesive Squares, the USB hub with three 30cm power cables, an AA and two CR2032 Oval battery packs.  

In case of any defect or missing accessory, there is a 7-days window from the delivery date to return the package and get a replacement. The after-sales card gives a warranty of two years.  

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