The Ultimate Sea Life With Lighting Lego Rescue Mission Boat 41381

The Lego Friends Rescue Mission Boat 41381 set with over nine hundred Lego pieces, three Mini dolls and marine life elements will let you create scenes from the Heartlake City show or according to your choice. Both Lightailing and Briksmax offer you handmade and high-quality lighting kits including fifteen LEDs that are easy to set up without any electrical knowledge.

 Rescue Mission Boat 41381

If you used to watch Lego Friends of Heartlake City or still watch the episodes online with kids, the Rescue Mission Boat 41381 model from the Lego Friends series will be a great option. The Lego model with 908 pieces is suitable for any Lego enthusiast aged above seven years. With several marine life creatures, the set makes way for a Lego building adventure where kids learn about the marine environment and conservation of the animals. Several activities of sea creature rescue can be enacted with the cruiser and once you have finished assembling the model, check out the premium-quality lighting kit from Briksmax or Lightailingthat can be installed even without electric skills.

Specialties Of Rescue Mission Boat 41381 Set

 Rescue Mission Boat 41381

Just like Lego Creator lights, the Friends light kit accessories are delicate and small enough to get mixed up, broken or lost among the Lego pieces. You need to purchase the batteries as the light kit does not include one.

For ease of Lego building with smooth functionality of zooming, ghost mode feature and rotating, install the intuitive Lego Life app that has Instruction Plus. There are three Minifigures of Mia, Andrea and Olivia with the cute narwhal or the ‘sea unicorn’ and the robot figure of Zobo.

 Rescue Mission Boat 41381

The Lego 41381 light kit will highlight the three-leveled motor cruiser standing six inches high with a length of fifteen inches and a width of four inches, heart-shaped island and the speedboat measuring one inch wide, one inch high and three inches long.

Role-play as marine biologists at the science lab to test specimens from the sea. The island features ship wreckage, beach, treasure box and water-reactive textile map while underwater coral reef features treasure chest and three gemstones.

The deck can be removed for cabin accessibility to reveal the bedroom, toilet, kitchen and lab. The speedboat bay can launch the boat, swivel with the removable crane and stretcher to transport sick creatures –it has winding hook, horns, cockpit, security camera, searchlights, lookout deck and satellite dish.   

Highlighting Rescue Mission Boat 41381 With Light Kit

 Rescue Mission Boat 41381

The Lego lighting kit is age-appropriate for 6+ years old users and has an after-sales card for 2-years warranty. You can customize with the four random colored Lego plates on opening the box and revealing the lights and accessories from the bubble-wrapped plastic packets. 

Use the universal instruction book with illustrations and the user guide for installation help. Prepare brick separators to pass one 5cm and two 15cm connecting wires smoothly without damage.

 Rescue Mission Boat 41381

For lighting Legos, you will get one strip light and four 15cm white LEDs, one 10cm yellow, one 15cm green, two slow-flashing 15cm warm white and six 15cm pink LEDs.

Set up the Adhesive Square, AA battery holder, one 12-port and two 6-port expansion boards and the USB hub with 30cm power cable.

There are accessories like corals, sea creatures, medical instruments, underwater camera, diving helmet, lifejackets, flippers, glasses, cups, ball, laptop, telescope, mobile and cherry. Test the light kit properly before the final installation and for any missing or damaged part, you have a 7-day return-and-replacement policy.

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