Enjoy Realistic Playtime with an Illuminated Lego Container Yard 42062 Set

Lego sets have long captured the imagination of both children and adults alike since its inception way back in the 1950s. The assembly process of Lego play-sets often produces wholesome family engagement along with imparting creative knowledge for the children. Lego enthusiasts often further enhance the look and feel of their beloved pieces by incorporating the best Lego light kits  tailor-made for added beauty and functionality.

Light Kit For Container Yard 42062

Salient Features of Lego Lighting Container Yard 42062 Set

One such iconic piece of Lego play-set is the beautiful and functional Container Yard, 42062 model. Part of the ‘Technic’ series launched by the company in 1977, the product commemorates four successful decades of its various well-received product lines.

The Container Yard 42062 Lego set  is the latest offering in the successful ‘Technic’ series of ‘telehandlers’, as its real-life counterpart vehicle is better known. Also referred to as “reach stackers”, the play-set has two main units made up of 630 components along with some spare pieces, the tractor unit/flatbed container-carrying truck and the stacker/telehandler.

The tractor unit or the container-carrying vehicle is tastefully colored in blue and white. The cab doors can be opened and closed, along with a functional steering wheel mechanism operable through the roof, a nifty feature present in almost all models in the ‘Technic’ series. There are two containers provided that can be easily placed on the flatbed trucks’ loading area at the back of the cab, much like the real vehicle. The containers are open at both end and marked with beautiful stickers for added appeal.

Light Kit For Container Yard

The second unit is the more functional telehandler or reaches stacker vehicle which is a staple in any container yard. The colorful and unique combination of orange, black, and grey add extra oomph to the playset. The steering mechanisms of the vehicle are at the back, with separate gears for operating the extendable arm for loading and unloading containers. The process of attaching the containers to the grabbing mechanism is quite ingenious. There are pins on the extendable end of the reach stacker which are to be aligned with holes provided on the top of the containers. Once attached, the entire mechanism is quite stable and does not topple at all.

Light Kit For Container Yard

The Container Yard 42062 Lego set  design is quite realistic and children will learn the basics of load-bearing engineering while having tons of fun with both the vehicle models. There are commemorative stickers celebrating forty years of ‘Technic’ series at the bottom of the models, adding to its collectible factor for the adult enthusiasts. Once fitted with optional LED lighting kits provided by competent vendors, the assembled sets can rival the original vehicles in terms of look and feel!

Light up Your Lego Set to Enhance its Timeless Appeal

Light Kit For Container Yard 42062

Once the set is assembled, consider using Light Kit for Container Yard 42062  set to further add to its charm and functionality. These LED light kits are lovingly prepared by professionals who are Lego enthusiasts themselves and thus understand the best configuration and placement of added lightings for individual Lego sets. Thus, headlamps and taillights of the vehicles are now visible, along with other strategic placement of seamlessly integrated LED lighting for the playsets.

Thus, the idea is to enhance the appeal of the product and convert it to a timeless showpiece for children’s play area or add it to the beautiful collection of assembled Lego models in all its ‘enlightened’ glory!

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