Lift and Load with the Brightly Lighted Lego Heavy Duty Forklift 42079 Set

Lego playsets have been able to capture the imaginations of children from all over the world since its inception way back in the 1930s. The Denmark-based company has become synonymous with creative learning providing hours of family engagement building its wide variety of models. Once assembled, these showpieces are often further enhanced by installing a light kit for Lego sets  specially made for individual models. The entire Lego assembly fitted with professional lighting often occupies the place of pride in the children’s play areas or even act as stunning showpieces in drawing rooms.

Light Kit For Heavy Duty Forklift 42079

The ‘Technic’ series was introduced by Lego during the late 1970s and was known as “Technical Sets” at the beginning, later renamed as ‘Technic’ in 1982.

Some Points about Lego Heavy Duty Forklift 42079 Set

One such entry-level Lego model is the Heavy Duty Forklift 42079 set. Introduced in 2018, it consists of 592 Lego pieces and is a part of the “Technic’ series offered by the company. Children or adults looking to acquaint themselves with somewhat more technical aspects of the products offered under this category will find the Forklift 42079 set an ideal starting point for their collection.

Though there is no usage of power or automatic motor functions in the piece, the forklift can be tilted and lifted up and down through clever use of moving gear parts. The levers used for these functions are provided at the sides of the assembled piece and constitute the majority of its moving functions, apart from the wheels and the safety light which controls the up and down motion of the forklift.

Light Kit For Heavy Duty Forklift

As with most of the models in the ‘Technic’ series, Lego has offered a second buildable option for the Heavy Duty Forklift 42079 in the form of a Tow Truck. The complete instruction for its assembly is also a part of the original instruction manual of the set.

The grey, yellow and blue color combinations along with the stickers provided with the forklift set gel together seamlessly and present a detailed working model. After assembly, the cleverly installed Lego light kit  in white and yellow colors for the main body and red ones for the tail lights can be bought separately for that added oomph factor for the Forklift set.

Light Up Your Lego Forklift Set!

 Heavy Duty Forklift 42079

After installing such a beautifully detailed Lego ‘Technic’ set, enthusiasts would often want to further enhance its overall appeal. One simple way to achieve the same is to light up Lego Forklift  set through clever use of LED lights. These light kits are individually prepared for exclusive bundled usage with its intended model by professionals who are equally enthusiastic about Lego models. The installation manual is shipped with the light kit itself and is easy to assemble and safe for children after assembly. The strategically-placed LED lights combine seamlessly with the original Lego Forklift 42079 assembly to significantly enhance its charm and appeal. Just plug the power cord in marvel at the model coming to life and even rivaling the original working forklifts in its look and feel!

Thus, installing a light kit for Heavy Duty Forklift 42079 Lego set  is a great way to immortalize the model and turn it into a showpiece worthy of your eclectic Lego model collection.


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