Have Ninjago Fun with Lighting the Land Bounty 70677

Since the launch of the Ninjago series in 2011, its play-sets have been quite successful in creating its own band of loyal followers all over the world. Having its own Ninjago TV series and movie franchises also helped increase its popularity. The vast array of characters, vehicles, and accessories provide ample themes for innovative Lego products which can be enjoyed by children and adult enthusiasts alike.  

Light Kit For Land Bounty 70677

Some Important Points about Land Bounty 70677

One such product is the Ninjago Land Bounty 70677 Lego set, a must-have collectible piece in the gamut of the series’ many iconic pieces. This toy truck is meant to be used as a mobile headquarters for the ninja heroes of the series while they are battling the Queen Aspheera and her minions. There are a total of 1129 usable Lego build parts in the set along with 37 spares in eight numbered plastic bags, two unmarked bags along with plastic stickers, sails, and instruction manual completes the box set.

The toy truck has movable wheels, a direction-changing steering mechanism, guns that can shoot projectiles through the use of cleverly installed triggers, a separately detachable ninja aircraft (complete with its own sail), nine action mini-figures, a quad bike and shuriken slicers on either side of the truck. The interiors are quite detailed with ample space and different accessories like foldout boosters for the vehicle, crew cockpits for the flyer, weapon racks, and even a mini-arcade. The play-set has over 406 unique constructible combinations in 34 different colors enhancing the piece’s usability in the re-enactment of many different scenes and battles of the Ninjago series.

Brighten up Your Lego Collection by Lighting up the Land Bounty 70677

Light Kit For Land Bounty 70677

Such a detailed, versatile piece of Lego masterwork can be further turned into a beautiful piece of the collectible display through the deft use of best LED lighting kits. Once you light up the Land Bounty 70677  Lego toy truck, you will see it transform into a marvelous piece of working machinery, ready to enhance any Ninjago-themed collection, or it can also work beautifully as a standalone decorative piece.

Light Kit For Land Bounty 70677

These LED lighting kits are constructed lovingly by a dedicated group of professionals who are long-time Lego play-set enthusiasts. Each of their light kits is tailor-made to fit seamlessly into the intended Lego sets, lighting it up strategically so that it looks glowing and vibrant even in the dark. In fact, you are encouraged to install the light kit for Land Bounty 70677, switch on the power unit and enjoy over 17 different lighting features that enhance the intricately detailed Lego piece. All the LED bulbs, lighting fixtures, and cables are of high quality and are safe enough to be handled by children. There is hardly any electronic knowledge required for its installation – you just need to follow the step-by-step detailed assembly instruction manual provided with the light kit packaging. What’s more, the power units of such units can be combined together to provide chain-lighting effects, which is helpful in constructing beautifully illuminated Lego play areas at your home itself.

So, light up Land Bounty 70677 Lego play-set and have a fun-filled time with the kids while enjoying the illuminated details and functionality of this versatile product.

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