Enjoy The High-Speed Battles Against Ocean Master in lighting Mode: Batman Batsub and The Underwater Clash 76116

The Lego DC Batman Batsub and The Underwater Clash 76116 with only over 150 Lego pieces can be the best kid-friendly model to let your little ones recreate various scenes from the comics. Both Lightailing and Briksmax have high-quality lighting kits comprising ten LEDs and handmade lighting accessories that you can install without electrical knowledge to lighten up the model especially at night.

The fandom of DC comics relies significantly on Batman and the Lego Batman series brings out various sets from the DC comics to garner enthusiasm. The Lego Batman Batsub and The Underwater Clash 76116 set with 174 Lego pieces is such a beginner-level model age-appropriate for anyone above seven years old. If you are a die-hard fan of Batman movies and comics, the set gives you great opportunities for customization while you recreate scenes from Justice League or comics. Once the set is complete, open the Briksmax or Lightailing light kit box to reveal separate plastic packets wrapped with bubble films and check whether all the light accessories are packed.

Specialties Of Batman Batsub and The Underwater Clash 76116 Set

The light for Lego 76116 set can highlight the superhero vehicle that stands over one inch in height with a width of four inches and a length of eight inches. The lights and accessories are to be handled carefully as they are small enough to cause choking hazards among infants or get mixed up among Lego plates and delicate enough to break.

The high-speed underwater battles between the evil Ocean Master and Batman with Aquaman come alive as you role-play with the three Minifigures including Ocean Master and Aquaman that were added in January 2019 and Batman with a shark figure.

The Lego Batman set light kit will highlight the buildable submarine featuring the bubble-shaped opening Minifigure cockpit, stud shooters, adjustable claws for grabbing weapons, two rotating propellers on the rear side, two detachable fins that can be attached to Batman’s feet to act as flippers underwater and rotating 360-degree wings behind the cockpit that look like a huge propeller. 

Unlimited customized and imaginative play is assured with the ten translucent blue assorted elements of Power Burst and weapons like the tridents of Ocean Master and Aquaman.    

Highlighting Batman Batsub and The Underwater Clash 76116 With Light Kit

The light kit for Lego Batman Batsub and The Underwater Clash 76116 is suitable for anyone aged above six years and has an after-sales card that ensures a manufacturing warranty of 2 years from the delivery date.

You will get step-by-step installation guidance with illustrations in the universal instruction manual while the user guide will help in future installation.

There are two 15cm red, two 15cm warm white and six 15cm white LEDs for lighting Lego set. You have to conceal the wires from the outer look and use the brick separator to pass the 5cm cable easily.

Set up the 6-port and 8-port expansion boards along with the Adhesive Square, a 30cm power cable for the USB hub and the Oval CR2032 battery box for which you have to buy batteries separately.

Testing each light and accessory is mandatory to avoid any complication after the final installation. If there is any broken or malfunctioning part, you can return and replace the kit within a week.   

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