Lighting Master Rebuild From Lego Movie 2 Emmet's Dream House Rescue Rocket 70831

The Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket! 70831 model consisting of only above seven hundred Lego pieces will let you recreate various scenes from the Lego Movie 2. Use the high-quality lighting accessories with the eight premium LED lights from Briksmax to keep the structure brightened up throughout day and night even though you are not skilled in electrics.

Light Kit For Emmet's Dream House & Rescue Rocket 70831

If you are a fan of the Lego Movie series, Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket! 70831 set will be a perfect collectible set for you. This kid-friendly beginner-level model from The Lego Movie 2 series made up of 706 Lego pieces is suitable for anyone above eight years old. A two-in-one model that can be rebuilt into the Rescue Rocket, you can utilize the parts that are used in assembling the buildable water tower, work station and the barricade of the Dream House and enjoy role-playing with the Rex, Lucy and Emmet Minifigures from January 2019. There is a handmade light kit from Briksmax to prevent the model from overshadowing especially in dark and what is better, it does not need you to have electrical knowledge.

Specialties Of Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket! Set

Light Kit For Emmet's Dream House & Rescue Rocket 70831

Each accessory and light for Lego Movie set is delicate and small enough to be damaged, lost or mixed up in scattered Lego pieces if you handle them carelessly before finishing the Lego structure. Always complete the Lego building and then open the box that contains air-bubble wrapped plastic packets with respective lights and accessories.

Straight from The Lego Movie 2, there are three Mini-dolls of Emmet, his brick-built friend Planty, Lucy, Rex Dangervest and the brick-built Unikitty in Warrior Kitty attire and two different facial expressions. Crossbow and quiver of Lucy, harpoon of Unikitty and helmet of Rex are also included.

Light Kit For Emmet's Dream House & Rescue Rocket 70831

Use Lego set light kit to highlight the Dream House standing over five inches in height, depth and width respectively. Open it for easy access to the interior of attic, kitchen and living room featuring opening front door, brick-built kitchen unit, scratching post, heater, dining table, sofa, assorted plate, frying pan, coffee cup, binoculars, radio, air-traffic control lights and accordion.

Remove the roof and use the pieces used in buildable fence, flower elements and barrel for the rocket with adjustable engines and two spring-loaded shooters.  

Highlighting Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket! With Light Kit    

Light Kit For Emmet's Dream House & Rescue Rocket 70831

The Lego lighting kit is age-appropriate for any 6+ years old Lego enthusiast and bears the after-sales manufacturer warranty card that is valid for two years. Make sure you purchase the three AA batteries separately as those do not come with the kit.   

Customize with five random colored Lego plates and follow the illustrated steps in the universal language from instruction manual for step-by-step installation. Keep the user guide for further use.

Light Kit For Emmet's Dream House & Rescue Rocket 70831

Use brick separator to pass 5cm, 15cm and 30cm connecting cable smoothly. Light up Lego 70831 with one 15cm LED and one strip light of warm white tone, three 15cm white LEDs and two slow-flashing 15cm red LEDs.

Insert batteries in the Oval CR2032 battery pack and set up the Adhesive Square with the two 6-port expansion boards. Connect the 30cm power cable for the USB.

You should check whether any item is missing and if all is good, test each light and accessory. If any issue persists, return it within 7 days and accept a replacement.  

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