Enjoy the Lego Chinese New Year Dinner with Lightailing Kit

In 2019, LEGO introduces the Chinese New Year Eve Dinner set. This set was launched by LEGO for entering the huge Chinese Market with lots of potential customers. LEGO released three set exclusives to the Asian countries. The realistic and detailed features of both the miniatures figures and structures would make these sets more fun to play. You can also include the Lightailing light kit for achieving the lighting effects during the night time. These sets would be the most amazing gift to your kids as a LEGO kit would not only test the creative skills of your kid but also the story-telling skills of your kid. Here are some of the silent features of these sets.

Miniatures of the Set

Chinese New Year Set

In any LEGO set, the figurines play an important role in the story-telling. In this set, you would find six miniatures that represent three generations of the family. The dresses of each figurine have designs that make them more realistic and fun to play. The character designing of this set is much better when compared to the other LEGO sets. Figurines of the father, son, daughter, and grandfather have double-sided faces that would allow your kid to alternate their facial expression.

Lighting Features of the Set

Lego Light kit for Chinese New year set

For making the set more enjoyable, you can add the  light kit to the set. This light kit would light up every LEGO bricks of the set. Along with the lighting kit, you and your kid would be able to enjoy the night view of Chinese dinner set. Here are some of the features of the lighting set.

  • The lightning kit consists of high-quality cable and lights that would be able to provide enough illumination to the structure of the LEGO set. 
  •  LED Lights and cable are small in size that would fit in between the LEGO bricks. Thus, the cable would not affect the looks of the complete model.
  • This light product would allow you and your kid to connect several lightning kits with a single power source. This is would help those who want to light up large-scale LEGO sets.
  • These lighting kits would allow you and your kid in customizing the set in an easy way. The lighting kit is very easy to install. You would be able to activate the kit by just plugging it in the power source.

The Interiors and Accessories of the Set

Lego Light kit set for Chinese new year dinner

The structure of this LEGO set also very fun to build. It starts with a 16 X 16 tan plates. With the lego technic system, you would able to assemble the various components of the set according to your choice. The interior of the set are well sized and would not feel cramped when putting other LEGO bricks. This kit also includes several Chinese symbols that depict good luck.

There are many vendors in the market who would provide the lighting set along with the LEGO set. Be sure to check, if the set has all the necessary items and the user guide. All the necessary information regarding the kit would be in the user Manuel. So, get a lighting kit for experiencing the joy of Chinese New Year Eve Dinner set.


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