Funny Things about the Lego Corner garage

The Lego Corner Garage is the latest model of the modular building which was launched on 1st January 2019. As a Lego fan, you will be amazed to know the features that the model is made of!  You will have a good time while setting it up along with the Lego technic light kit that is also available in the market now.

The most alluring feature for which this model can be fun to setup is due to the presence of several mini-figures and accessories. As a fan, you can create different scenes out of the model just by changing the positions of the 6 mini-figures and a mini-dog.

Funny things in Lego Corner Garage

Here are some of the funniest things that you can find in the Corner Garage model of Lego.

Lego Light kit for Corner Garage

The more detailed minifigs

Unlike all other previous models of Lego, you can get the highly detailed mini-figures along with this model. Consider to add up the light up Lego kit to get the more advanced outlook for the models as well as the mini-figures.

The Garage-Veterinary combination

It is quite funny that the Corner Garage model consists of a veterinary chamber on the second floor. The name of the Vet is Dr. Jones. It is oddly funny how he chooses to be the neighbor of a car garage and carry on with is veterinary practice. At least the ill animals deserve a peaceful place to get treated.

Corner Garage light kit

The Vintage Octan Petrol Station

 You will really smile while setting up the Octan Petrol Station. Here, you can also get a chance to make the full use of the  light Kit. The funniest thing about the Petrol Station part is vintage moped. It will really be a matter to place the vintage moped in the petrol station.

Funny Slogan at Jo’s Garage

 The Corner Garage of Lego gets its structure from Jo’s Garage. As a Lego fan, you will come across the witty little slogan at his place, ‘By accidents we meet’.

Lego corner garage car with light kit

Dr. Jones does not treat snakes

 Out of the chamber, the vet doctor puts up a statement, ‘No Snakes!’ It is quite unfair not to treat the snakes. Moreover, it is funny to think of a person who pets a snake and again takes it to the doctor when ill.

 Add up Lightailing light

While adding up the Lego technic light kit is one of the major fun things to do when it comes to the Corner Garage model. Many types of plug-in light are available that you can add up to the model that gives it the enhancing view. In the darkness, you might look at your model for hours as it can take to them ecstatic fun.

Ideal for the Lego beginners

The model is ideal for the Lego beginners as because gradually adding the floors the detailing gets plainer. So, as a beginner, you will not lose your patience.

So, these are some fun facts about the Lego Corner Garage. If you have still not grabbed your set, then it is the high time to do it. You will have good fun while structuring it.    







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