Enormous Experience an Exciting Way to Play with Lego 70421

Enjoy a unique Lego building experience with the augmented reality app Hidden Side and the premium LED light accessories for El Fuego’s Stunt Truck 70421 set. New levels of the app make the Lego structure engaging while the plug-and-play light kit from Lightailing keeps this structure under limelight day and night alike.

If your kids are addicted to mobile gaming and you want to distract them to something constructive that will enhance their concentration and creativity, the Hidden Side Lego model of El Fuego’s Stunt Truck 70421 will be a perfect option. Designed for any 8+ years old enthusiast, this 428-piece beginner model will keep your kids and even a grownup hooked in the interactive and intuitive ghost hunting sessions with the Hidden Side app. No need to worry about playing at night when the Lightailing lighting kit is there to glorify the set in such a way that the intricate detailing becomes more distinct and playing through the AR (augmented reality) gets more exciting.   

What Makes El Fuego’s Stunt Truck 70421 So Engaging?

When you bright up Lego Hidden Side Stunt Truck and watch it through the mobile app screen, the high-octane fun begins with capturing the spooky ghosts fluttering around the set. Role-playing in the digital realm gets interesting as you unlock Samuel Mason, the boss ghost or traverse off-road by activating the suspension for cool stunts or turn the toy cannon of J.B to interact with Hidden Side app.

  • With the four Minifigures of Jack Davids –the hero and Spencer –his ghost dog, El Fuego –the stuntman, Joey and Dwyane –the female and male bikers respectively, you can make use of the Lego LED light kits  to create different scenarios in the fictional Newbury town, which is haunted by ghosts.
  • The stunt truck comes with space for two Minifigures inside the cabin, rear suspension for trying out different stunts, toy cannon mounted on the rear side where Jack and Spencer catch ghosts and de-haunt bikers riding the motorcycle with three wheels and space for two.

What to Know about Light Kit for El Fuego’s Stunt Truck

After completing the Lego set, you should open the box, untangle the air-bubble sheets and open the plastic packets containing Lego night light kits. Test each accessory properly for defect or damage so that you can return them and get a replacement within seven days.

  • What makes the light installation so easy for people both with and without electrical knowledge are the universally written steps with illustrations on the instruction manual and also the user guide that helps in a future installation.

  • Keep the 2-year warranty card safely and get three batteries in advance for the AA battery box inside the light kit for Lego 70421  Prepare the USB hub with the 30cm USB cable and connect the Expansion boards and Adhesive Squares.
  • You can customize with the LED lights that light up the cannon, headlights, taillights and interior to the truck. Random Lego bricks are available for customization with the model. Connect the wires comfortably between stubs for a better result.

After lightening up the model, you can install the Hidden Side app on tablet or mobile. Regular updates, new battle scenarios, new mysteries, ghosts to catch and treasure hunt make the Lego building interactive as ever!  



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