Action Trill with Lighting Lego Sky Police Diamond Heist 60209 Set

Endless creativity is assured with the Sky Police Diamond Heist 60209 model from Lego City series that features a chasing scene between police and crook. Make the scenario more happening with the handmade LED lighting kit from Briksmax and Lightailing.

While models from Lego Technic, Star Wars, Marvel or Disney series come with structural templates that you would hardly get to change according to your choice, the Lego City models are different. Quite popular among kids who are gradually getting the knack of Lego building, the 400-piece beginner model of Sky Police Diamond Heist 60209 of Lego City series is appropriate for anyone above six, just as its lighting kit from Lightailing. With four Minifigures including two officers from Sky Police and two crooks, the structure comes with the Police Transporter, Crook’s helicopter and the winged jetpack for the police. The delicate and handmade lights and accessories can be installed by anyone with or without knowledge of electrics.

Get An Idea Of The Sky Police Diamond Heist 60209 Set

The Lego City Sky Police Diamond Heist  model should be assembled fully before you open up the light kit because otherwise the lights can cause choking hazards and get damaged or lost among the Lego pieces.

  • The armored Police transporter stands 3” tall with 7” length and 3” width. You can open its roof, remove the gem safe, break the crook open from the jail cell and make use of the sound brick and working light, which were new additions for January, last year.

  • With the Lego night light set, you can lighten up the 1” wide and 3” long Winged Jetpack as well as the 7” wide, 8” long and 3” tall Crook’s helicopter that comes with two spinning rotors, opening cockpit and the plastic-made climbing rope that can be accessed for stealing the diamond safe.
  • The featured accessories include the diamond element, cap, toy handcuff set, circular saw and three helmets with visors that can be opened.

Lighting the Sky Police Diamond Heist 60209 Model

Before you light up lego bricks, utilize the random colored Lego brick given with the lighting kit and also get AA batteries for the two CR2032 Oval battery packs. Make sure the brick separators are in place and test each accessory before the final installation.

  • The three helmets, gem, headlights, indicators, taillights, cockpit, and wings of the helicopter are highlighted by slow flashing 15cm red and green lights, one 30cm L warm LEDs, one 30cm and five 15cm white LEDs, two 30cm yellow LEDs and three 15cm red LEDs.
  • The light kit for Lego Sky Police Diamond Heist  can be installed easily by going through the illustrated steps on the universal instruction manual and the user guide for the future installation.

  • Set up the 6-port and the 12-port expansion boards, Adhesive Square and the two USB power cables measuring 30cm each for the hub. Pass the connecting wires comfortably through the brick separators.

The nine after-sale warranty cards ensure guarantee for two years and in case of malfunctioned accessories found within seven days of delivery, you can also return them for replacement. Spin the rotors of the helicopter to hover over the transporter or push the brick on the transporter to create sound and light for the police –there are various customization available.  



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