The Ultimate Display Of Ninjago Lego Set

From Land Bounty 70677 to Monastery of Spinjitzu, the Ninjago series of Lego sets are a treat to any Lego enthusiasts with interest in martial arts. After assembling the structures, when you add LED lights and install lighting accessories, the special features get highlighted stunningly.

The Lego Ninjago Movie from 2017 and the popular computer-animated TV series named Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu from 2019 gave the Lego Ninjago structures a new identity. Both animated movie lovers and Lego enthusiasts can now recreate different scenarios from the movie and the show while lighting up the structures even if they have no professional knowledge of electrics. Lightailing and Briksmax have come up with the premium-quality and handmade LED light kits so that the structures are always glorious no matter it is daytime or night.

Popular Ninjago Lego Sets To Light Up With Lighting Kit

The Lego Ninjago sets  look more distinct when you add lights and to make installation easy for anyone above six, the light kits are made as plug-and-play so that all you have to do is to follow the illustrated steps written with illustrations in the instruction manual.

Lights For Final Fight Of Destiny’s Bounty 70618

 The 2295-piece set made up of hull or mid-deck, Wu’s Dojo and top deck can be lightened up with yellow, red, white, blue and warm white LED lights included in the light kit for Final Fight Of Destiny’s Bounty. Make sure the connecting wires do not come out anywhere in the three modular levels including the dragon figurehead but the functioning anchors, sails, lanterns, and Wu’s bedroom remain glorious.

Lights For Land Bounty 70677

Two warm white light strips, two 30cm and nine 15cm white LEDs and four 15cm yellow LEDs from the LED light kit for Lego Ninjago Land Bounty  set will highlight the shuriken slicers, shooting cannons, spring-loaded shooters, detailed interior, quad bike, foldout boosters and cockpit of the 1178-piece set. You will get nine random colored Lego bricks for customization along with the multifunction board, Oval CR2032 and AA battery packs, 6-port and 12-port expansion boards and connecting wires measuring 5cm, 15cm and 30ocm.  

Lights For Monastery of Spinjitzu 70670

The enormous gate, tree, tea room and the rotating training station for the ninja warriors can be made brighter with the Lego Ninjago Monastery Of Spinjitzu light kit  that includes 5 strip lights and one 30cm and two 15cm LEDs of warm white tone, one 30cm and five 15cm yellow LEDs, two 30cm white LEDs and three 15cm pink LEDs. You will also get 17 randomized Lego pieces for this 1070-piece Lego set along with two USB power cables, two battery boxes, two 8-port expansion boards, and five 15cm connecting cables.     

Apart from the above-mentioned structures, you will get light kits for various other Ninjago models such as Garmadon’s Volcano Lair 70631, Temple Ultimate Weapon 70617, Ninjago City 70620, Quake Mech 70632, Katana V11 70638, Throne Room Showdown 70651, Oni Titan 70658 and Jay’s Storm Fighter 70668. All light kits come with after-sale warranty cards that are valid for two years and you should test the accessories of each light kit before using.   



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