Turn on Your Fun Mood with Lighting Lego Andrea's Pool Party 41374

Kids can now recreate poolside scenarios from the animated television show regarding the Heartlake City with Andrea’s Pool Party 41374 set from Lego Friends. The LED lights and accessories from Lightailing are designed for anyone aged above six and installation is easy too.

If you have watched the animated show named Friends of Heartlake City or still catch its streaming episodes for your kids, you will be well acquainted with the five best friends including Andrea, Stephanie, Mia, Emma, and Olivia. While the Lego Friends set of Andrea’s Pool Party 41374 comes with 468 pieces including the two adorable mini-dolls of Stephanie and Andrea, the light kit comes with high-quality and handmade LED lights and accessories. To avoid losing any delicate part from the light accessories and complication while adding lights, finish assembling the structure first and test each part properly before the final installation.    

Special Features Of Andrea’s Pool Party 41374 Model

Andrea’s Pool Party Lego set is a beginner model suitable for anyone over six years old and kids will find the Lego building as a piece of cake with the Instructions PLUS that guides through all the building processes. Kids can not only assemble independently but also get the best visual treat with the tablet or mobile app of Lego Life that is easy to use and comes with intuitive instructions for zooming, visualizing the structure in Ghost Mode and also rotate it as they want.

You can bright up Andrea’s Pool Party Lego set  with the pool complex that stands 5” tall and 11” wide. The buildable pool features aquarium, waterfall, slide, bubble pool, shower area, lockers, rotating DJ box and sprung springboard.

Fix the Juice Bar with two bar stools near the pool as a swim-up bar or separately at the poolside. Shoot water from water guns and create waves with the wave machine that comes with speaker set, twisting dial and surfboard.

As you light up Legos enjoy role-play as Andrea, singing or mixing tunes from DJ Box and hosting the party or as Stephanie, chilling out with the pool features. Accessories include the blender, fruit bowl, carrot, banana, records, cherries, glasses, hairbrush, fish, fin, and bowtie.

Knowing Everything about Lighting up Andrea’s Pool Party

The LED lights and other accessories of the light kit for Lego Andrea’s Pool Party 41374  are packed in separate plastic packets and wrapped with air bubble films to avoid damage while handling. As there is no battery in the pack, get three AA batteries beforehand.

Warm white and white LEDs are offered for the juice bar, slide, shower area, and seating area. Pass the connecting wires smoothly between the brick separator stubs and conceal them so that the outer look is not marred.

The Lego LED light kits  also come with custom Lego bricks, battery pack, expansion board, warranty card, user guide and the universal instruction manual that has detailed illustrations to help both expert and layman in electrics.

Kids can use their creativity to come up with various scenarios around the pool and even add other Lego Friends models for a larger set of events. While the after-sale card is valid for 2 years, return and the replacement window is valid for a week.   




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