Exciting Fun With NINJAGO City Docks 70657

With over 3500 Lego pieces the three-storied Lego NINJAGO City Docks 70657 set contains thirteen Minifigures and offers endless role-playing opportunities by recreating scenes from the movie. The thirty-three premium LED lights and handmade light accessories from Lightailing and Briksmax will always keep the structure under limelight even when the surrounding is dark.

The thrilling Spinjitzu actions and the four Ninjas fighting against evil were among the two main reasons that kept the enthusiasts of animated series and Lego builders hooked to the television series of Ninjago. The Lego Ninjago series keeps the fun alive through the advanced-level models such as the NINJAGO City Docks 70657 set made up of 3553 Lego pieces. Age-appropriate for any 12+ years old enthusiast, the set lets you recreate various scenes from the Lego Ninjago Movie and series from 2011, especially how Cole, Lloyd and their mates defend the city from the attacks of Garmadon. No matter whether you have any electrical knowledge or not, the high-quality lighting kits from Lightailing and Briksmax are easy to install to keep the Lego structure glorious 24x7.

Highlighting NINJAGO City Docks 70657 With Light Kit

To light up Lego sets  you have to prepare the brick separators to pass four 5cm, three 15cm and eight 30cm cables comfortably following the illustrated guidelines on ten universal instruction manuals. Prepare the AA battery pack, flashing module board, three Adhesive Squares, one 8-port, one 12-port and five 6-port expansion boards.

The thirteen Minifigures include Cole in casual getup with the mobile phone, Green Ninja Lloyd with the sword, Garmadon with four katanas, Runje with fishing rod, explorer Runde, Runme with chisel and hammer, Private Puffer with the fish chainsaw, Chan Kong-sang with money bill, Lil’ Nelson with arm cast, Dareth, Betsy with one baby figure and baby bottle, Chad with cup and Mystake. 

The light kit for Ninjago set  will highlight the Harbor with buildable water, Minifigure boat with opening roof, secret compartment, oar and two NINJAGO cards at the boathouse, functioning crane and removable barrels with assorted elements at the dock along with the opening cave.

The lower level of Old World includes rotating rotisserie and tipping food display at the grocery store, buildable statuette elements at sculptor’s workshop and alleyway while upper level includes Mystake and Runde’s house and Dareth’s dojo containing four katanas, four shurikens, Sensei Chen tournament pamphlet, three trophies, weapon racks and scroll on the exterior wall.

The house has sextant, globe, book with Atlantis card at map room, sliding doors, bedroom and kitchen with sink, buildable oven, detachable-top bunk beds, TV and two Minifigure attachment points on the roof. The lights for NINJAGO City Docks 70657  contain six 30cm and one 15cm white, one 30cm and two 15cm LEDs and six warm white strips, one 30cm, five 10cm and four 15cm yellow, one flashing colored 30cm, one 10cm red, two blue strips and three 30cm pink LEDs.   

The street includes Mystake and Runde’s tearoom with opening door, service counter, cup, teapot, scales and two NINJAGO News accessories, newspaper stand featuring three News accessories and arcade with interchangeable billboards, two buildable arcade games, candy machine and pig balloon, working vending machine and more.   

Measuring fourteen inches high, nine inches deep and fourteen inches wide, the modular set can be combined with Lego NINJAGO City 70620 set for extensive adventures. Keep the main power below 5V while connecting the 30cm USB power cable. Keep the after-sale card for the latter installation guide and after-sale card for manufacturer warranty of 2 years.  

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