The Limitless Action-Packed Trills With This Lego Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011

The beginner Lego model Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011 with over a thousand Lego pieces lets you recreate various mythological episodes from The Monkie King. With 33 LED lights and handmade lighting accessories, both Lightailing and Briksmax try to give the Lego builders opportunity to brighten up their Lego structures regardless of day and night.

Dipped in the essence of the Chinese mythical folklores of the Monkey King, the Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011 set from the Lego Monkie King series teaches resilience, creativity and courage. With 1111 odd pieces, this kid-friendly set is suitable for anyone above nine years old and brings alive the classic tales from the Journey to the West so that the culture and moral values of China are spread among every Lego builder. The creativity not only lies in assembling the structure but also in setting up the premium light kit from Briksmax and Lightailing that does not require you to have any electrical knowledge.

Special Features Of The Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011 Set

The Lego set lights  will brighten up the tow truck that stands six inches high with a length of fifteen inches and a width of eight inches. If you start light installation after completing the Lego model, there will be zero risks of choking hazards, losing or damaging small delicate accessories.

Combine physical Lego building experience with the digital interface of Instructions Plus that is available in the Lego Life App free of cost. It lets you visualize the models, zoom in and out and rotate the digital model.

The LED lights for Lego will highlight the Inferno Truck, the detachable integrated race car, Pigsy’s tuk-tuk and the Speedy Panda store. You can launch the race car by pushing the button in the truck, fire the rapid 6-stud shooter and drag the ATM with exploding function with a winch out of the buildable store and drive Monkie Kid on tuk-tuk to rescue Lee, the store owner. 

There are seven vibrant buildable Minifigures namely the Monkie Kid, Snort, Red Son, Mei, Lee, Roar and Grunt with their weapons such as the two ‘power cell’ shooting cannons for using in the battles against Monkie Kid.

Highlighting Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011 With Light Kit

The lights for Lego Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011  are designed for any 6+ years old enthusiast and bear a 2-year manufacturer warranty with the after-sale card. Set up the brick separators to pass the connecting cables easily and arrange the required batteries.

The random colored five Lego pieces make way for customization with the model. The illustrated instruction book offers step-by-step installation guidance in the universal language while during the latter installation, the user guide helps.

A Flashing Module Board helps in adjusting the glow of the lights. Light up Lego Red Son’s Inferno Truck 80011 with two small 30cm lights, one large 15cm light, two 10cm LEDs, two 30cm LEDs and six 15cm LEDs of warm white tone, two 15cm red LEDs, four 10cm, four 15cm and eight 30cm yellow LEDs and done slow flashing 15cm colored light.

Set up one 8-port, two 6-port and two 12-port expansion boards, insert batteries in the AA battery box and two Oval CR2032 battery packs, and place two Adhesive Squares. Connect three 30cm power cables with USB hub and pass one 5cm, one 15cm, and two 30cm connecting wires between the stubs.

If any manufacturer's fault is found while testing the light accessories, you can return the pack and get a replacement within seven days.

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