Exciting StarWars Battles With Lighting Jedi Master Yoda 75255!

For any Star Wars fan, the Lego Yoda 75255 set comprising over 1700 Lego pieces can be one of the most prized collectibles. Lightailing and Briksmax come with six premium LED lights and handmade accessories in the lighting kits that are easy to assemble by anyone with or without prior electrical skills.

Light Kit For Yoda 75255

Star Wars nerds of all ages will be familiar with the 2002 movie from the franchise –Star Wars: Episode II –The Attack of the Clones. The Yoda 75255 set from the Lego Star Wars series recreates the iconic Yoda from the movie with 1771 Lego pieces. Suitable for kids aged above ten years, the set represents the legendary Jedi master in an intricate brick-built form that is never seen before on any platform. Recreating some of the scenes from the Star Wars Universe featuring this iconic hero or use it as a prized showpiece for indoors. Both Briksmax and Lightailing feature the high-quality light kits to brighten up the model regardless of whether it is day or night.

Specialties Of The Yoda 75255 Set

The Star Wars set lights  and accessories are small and delicate enough to get lost or damaged if you mingle them up with Lego pieces. To avoid such issues and choking hazards among kids, you should complete assembling the model first, get the batteries for the battery pack and then open the light kit box.

To create a realistic feature, the Yoda model has a posable head, posable intricate eyebrows, movable toes, and fingers that add more expression.

Yoda stands above sixteen inches in height with his signature lightsaber of green glow.

The set comes with a mini Yoda Minifigure that can be mounted by the detailed display stand with an informative fact plaque where you will find more about the Jedi Master Yoda.

Highlighting Yoda 75255 With Light Kit

Light Kit For Yoda 75255

The light kit for Lego Jedi Master Yoda 75255  is packed in the hardcover box that contains separate plastic packets containing light accessories protected by air-bubble films. The light kit is designed for anyone above six years of age.

The after-sales card offers a 2-year manufacturer warranty. There are seventeen Lego pieces of random color for customization with the Yoda model.

For a detailed installation guide, check each step and illustration given in the universal instruction book. There is a user guide that helps in further installation.

Light Kit For Yoda 75255

The lights for Lego Star Wars Yoda 75255 include one 15cm green, two 15cm blue, two solid colored projection lamps, and 2 green light bars. You should set up the brick separator and pass the connecting cables smoothly through the stubs.

Insert batteries in the AA battery box and three CR2032 Oval battery boxes. Set up the Adhesive Square, two 6-port expansion boards, and the USB hubs with the four USB power cables measuring 30cm each.

Although any damage is highly unlikely with the secured packaging of the light kit, you are recommended to check each accessory to make sure there is no missing part and that they work properly. In case, you find any part missing, broken, or malfunctioning, you can return the package within a week of delivery and get a replacement.

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