Fascinating Building Experience With Lighting Lego Racing Cars 60256

With nearly two hundred Lego pieces to assemble, the kid-friendly Lego City Racing Cars 60256 set will let your little ones use their creativity in independent action-packed play. Briksmax makes the Lego building experience more enjoyable with the handmade and high-quality light kit comprising nine LED lights and accessories.

Light Kit For Lego Racing Cars 60256

The elementary school years create the foundation of any kid and besides the conventional education kids can channel their creative ideas through Lego building. The cool models from the Lego City series are always open for customization and the Racing Cars 60256 set is one such beginner level model that can be combined with other sets for a more extensive look. With only 190 Lego pieces, the set is suitable for anyone above five years old who enjoys high-speed actions. When the room lights are switched off or at night, the structure will not lose its limelight as the Briksmax lighting kit will prevent it from overshadowing.

Specialties Of The Racing Cars 60256 Set

Just like Lego Technic light kit, the Lego City lighting kit comes without any battery, and therefore, you need to arrange those in advance. You should assemble the structure completely before unboxing the light kit as the small and delicate light accessories might cause choking hazards to kids, get tampered or lost.

The pretend race cars resemble the gasoline-powered and electric cars –the ultimate adrenaline surging challenge between the electric and gasoline cars will be something to look out for.

Lights Racing Cars 60256

There is no battery in the Lego model and for ease of assembling, there is the instruction book with instructions that are easy to follow my kids.

The Lego lights will highlight the red car that stands one inch high with a length of five inches and a width of one inch and the yellow car that is one inch wide, one inch high, and four inches long.

Apart from the authentic detailing on the two cars, there are two cones for the starting and finishing line along with two driver Minifigures having their respective racing helmets.  

Highlighting The Racing Cars 60256 With Light Kit

Lego Racing Cars 60256

Although not as elaborate as the light for Lego Technic set, the light kit for the Racing Cars is equally interesting to install and what is better, without any electrical knowledge. The light kit is age-appropriate for 6+ years old enthusiasts and offers a 2-year manufacturer warranty with the after-sales card.

You will get detailed step by step guidance with proper illustrations from the universal instruction manual. In the further installation steps, the user guide will help you out.

Light Kit For Lego Racing Cars 60256

One random colored Lego brick is included in the light kit for Lego Racing Cars 60256  to use as a substitute or for customization. You need to set up brick separators to pass the connecting cables easily between the stubs.

You will get three 10cm red, two 10cm, and four 15cm LEDs of warm white tone for lighting up the set. One Adhesive Square and two 6-port expansion boards are included too.

Insert batteries in the two LR44 battery holders and connect the two power cables measuring 30cm each with the USB hub.

Open-ended play opportunity is guaranteed as kids recreate various real-life or make-believe scenarios. Test the kit before the final installation and for any manufacturer fault, you can return and ask for replacement within a week.

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