Experience Farm Life In Lego City With The Amazing Harvester Transport 60223 Set

The Lego City Harvester Transport 60223 with over 350 pieces and two Minifigures will let you create a countryside harvesting operation. Both Briksmax and Lightailing offers high-quality handmade lighting accessories and 15 bright LEDs to brighten up this beginner model no matter whether it is daytime or night.

The Lego City series models always make way for creative playing opportunities and the kid-friendly Lego Harvester Transport 60223 set with 358 pieces is no exception. Although age-appropriate for Lego builders above five years old, any adult enthusiast can assemble the model or encourage the little ones to try assembling with the help of the mobile app of Instructions Plus. You no longer have to worry about the structure being overshadowed in the dark as there are premium light kits from Lightailing and Briksmax that you can install even you are a layman in electrics.

Specialties Of The Harvester Transport 60223 Set

Before you light up Legos, the structure needs to be assembled completely so that no delicate light accessory gets tampered or mixed within the Lego pieces. Three AA batteries are to be arranged in advance and the brick separators are to be set up so that the connecting cables are not forcibly inserted.

There are two Minifigures including the farmer who manages the crops and the truck driver. There is also the buildable one-inch tall scarecrow figure. The accessories include a pitchfork and a mug.

With the Lego lights, you can brighten up the heavy-duty Harvester Transport truck that has an opening cab for a Minifigure, a hitch, dual exhaust pipes and the transporter trailer. The flatbed trailer features two lowering ramps, the holder for harvester tool, and a connector that can hold the harvester. The truck and trailer stand three inches high with a length of 12 inches and a width of two inches. 

The combine harvester truck in yellow, green and white color scheme is three inches high, three inches wide and six inches long. The lights for Lego City set will highlight its opening cab for a Minifigure, harvester tool that can be removed, the connector for securing it to transport trailer and articulated unloading auger on the rear side.

You can unhook the trailer from the truck, lower its ramps for loading the harvester or raise its ramps to hook the trailer to the truck and haul away the harvester.

Highlighting Harvester Transport 60223 With Light Kit

The light kit for Harvester Transport 60223  is suitable for any 6+ years old and careless handling can cause choking hazards. The after-sale card that comes with it bears a manufacturer warranty of two years.

Use the randomized ten Lego pieces for customization and the user guide for future installation guidance. For step-by-step installation guidance with illustration, there is a universal instruction book.

Light up Lego  Harvester Transport set with two slow flashing 30cm white, two warm white 15cm, five white 15cm and six red 15cm LEDs. Pass and conceal the 15cm and 30cm connecting wires smoothly between the stubs.

Set up the USB hub by connecting the 30cm power cord and the AA battery holder by inserting the batteries. Prepare the Adhesive Square along with one 6-port and two 8-port expansion boards.

The harvesting tool can be removed from the front of combine harvester and be attached to the trailer. You can secure unloading auger to lock combine harvester on trailer. Before adding the light kit, check whether all the items are included and test them after opening the plastic packets.

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